November was another healthy month in the journey to make a bit of extra money online our target was £400.00


November was a slightly slower month than October, we are £100 down on last month, but that’s the way it flies with these things sometimes, still happy with what I have earned. Spending more time in the evenings doing other things.


Notoriously November and December are quieter months, which appears to be true.


Cash £305.44

Vouchers: £25.00 Amazon

Now let's break that down to see where that money came from


1)    Populus Live £50
Again treating us well lots of regular surveys, and one that was worth £12 managed to tip us over the £50 threshold so bacs payment is on its way to us
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2)    Life points £50
My favorite survey website at the moment, lots of surveys some really valuable ones that are worth £5 - £10 at a time
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3)    Toluna £35.00
Mixed with Toluna managed to get to the threshold for £35 redemption but the surveys have been very frustrating this month. But still a good earner
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4)    Panel Base £31.00
Lots of surveys this month on panel base and some well-paid studies, well worth the time.
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5)    Mingle £24.00
This is one I had forgotten about been doing few surveys here and there and when checked turns out had enough for £24.00 to go straight into my bank
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6)    Intellizoom £19.50

Another really strong month for intellizoom, only a few surveys but, just more bang for your buck, its slowed a bit though so with the 3-week delay not sure how many we will have in December

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7)    Neevo £19.19
Good month for Neevo, lots of work out there, reviewing AI voices and seeing if statements fit within certain criteria

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8)    Attapoll £16.25

The top mobile app this month is Attapoll, Lots of well paid and quick surveys, not the greatest month but I've been a bit off the boil this month
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9)    Curious cat £15.95
Better than last month, it was saved by a few surveys that paid big for watching videos, otherwise they have been littered with many that are not worth the energy of picking your phone up – a shame
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10) MSR iPhone app £10.00

Nice little app, these surveys are always very short couple of minutes and good payment
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11) Survey Friends £10.00
Another slow burner has come to fruition this month, few surveys tipped over the edge. Payment to PayPal was quite quick
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12) Qmee £8.46
Not a great month this one for Qmee, few worth their time and so many screen outs
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13) Citizen me £0.11
Last and very much least was citizen me with a measly 0.11

14) £16.00 was from selling some coins from FIFA ultimate team to a friend topped up the money a little bit

Vouchers £25.00

Isay £15.00
Good month with i-say lots of surveys and cruised to £15.00
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Trp surveys 5.00

The daily survey got me to enough for £5.00 as well this month


Jupiter surveys £5.00 Unsure where I signed up now
sporadic surveys based on tv watching episodes, have no idea where I signed up




Publish ox: from blogging and reading (mainly from reading) – I have earnt the following in November

Basic Attention Token

2.5304 BAT ($0.61)


2.7588 LRC ($0.55)



0.00409640 ETH ($2.50)


0.5247 AMPL ($0.74)


Read. cash

From writing articles on there I have earned $15.00 worth of Bitcoin cash or 0.04728707 BCH

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0.06 eth valued today at £27.36
Download the Zumo app and enter ‘themoneyearner’ for 0.02 Eth yourself once validated

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