Nuri Sign up offer €30 free cash


Review of Nuri Sign up offer for €30 of free cash


The Nuri sign up offer is a fantastic one, you can easily get €30 of free crypto. By opening an account with Nuri and making a small deposit. Check out how to get the free crypto from Nuri with my step by step guide.

Nuri sign up offer

What is the Nuri banking app?


Nuri is a mobile banking app, formerly called Bitwala. The idea behind Nuri is that you can manage to save and invest your money all in one place. It makes it incredibly easy to do this. It is also useful as an EU bank account. I signed up originally to help with some money transfer offers that I tried back in my early money earning days to give me a boost of £70 cash. I also find it useful now to pay in money and easily invest it into crypto with consummate ease.


The Nuri Sign up offer.


The best thing about this offer is the amount you can get for it. A lot of the other offers. I have posted about our ones that will give you about £10 worth. This is a much better offer, and for a smaller deposit than many of the other offers around needing just €30 to pay into it.


  • First, click on the signup link here. (As it is a mobile app, best done on phone)
  • Download the app available on Appstore or google play.
  • Register and open a free account.
  • Will need a passport to verify and also I had a very quick 2-way video call, to confirm my identity.
  • Once verified you can then deposit. The required deposit is €30 so I would advise going a little bit over €31. Your deposit may take a day to come into account.
  • Once the deposit is in you can then buy your bitcoin or Ethereum. (buy the whole amount)
  • If you so choose you can sell the bitcoin straight away
  • Then in 15 days, your free money will be coming your way
  • You can either leave in the App and spend on your Nuri debit card, invest it in crypto or transfer it out. There is no hold time at all for this offer.


What fees are there for Nuri


The fees for Nuri are also really good, zero fees to keep the account and open it. Zero fees for debit card transactions or atm withdrawals.


There are however fees for the trading as you would expect. But very reasonable and a flat rate for fees as well at just 1%.


The Nuri debit card

nuri debit card

Well first of all the Nuri debit card is a very fetching looking one, it certainly spices up my wallet. As already alluded to you can use the debit card for shopping anywhere, or online and also for atm withdrawals as well.


Nuri review


All around Nuri is a very good, excellent german bank account that is easy to transfer and trade from. Very easy to use, free for general banking. A cool little feature of the app is that you can lock and unlock your card with ease. This is quite common with debit cards as well but decent application.


A trustworthy bank account powered by Solaris Bank AG and is protected by up to €100,000 under the german deposit guarantee scheme.


An up and coming feature is investing in stocks as well, you can currently invest in a ‘pot’ which is a broad selection of successful companies. So can invest in a global pot consisting of a minimum of 8 ETFs, Meaning a strong and diverse portfolio.


You can also hold your bitcoin and earn 3% annual interest, which is paid weekly. The interest rate may change however and is dependent on market demand. Their calculator currently shows 1.49%. There may well be better interest rates out there. But your bitcoin is not locked in at all and you are able to withdraw at any time.


I like it as it is a bit of a one-stop-shop for investments and money management making it easy to save, invest in stocks as well as crypto and hold them all within one app. To sign up to Nuri would appreciate using my link


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