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Earn free money with Oh my dosh cashback

Oh my dosh is a fantastic way of making some extra money online. Basically, it is a cashback website, but they have so many offers and sign-ups, that you can complete for free, or profitable sign-up offers, it is a great way of boosting your cash balance.


It is pretty similar to 20 cogs, but with some really distinct advantages.

Oh my dosh works the same as many other cashback sites, however as opposed to shopping it is more sign up offers or trials that oh my dosh offer more of.

The same process however, you browse oh my dosh which will show you the deals and the terms and conditions and most importantly the reward, click through the link from oh my dosh fulfil the requirements and job done.


What cashback is on offer

As I said Oh my dosh although does cashback, is a different sort of provider. You wont find any links to get cashback on your lego purchase at argos, but for signing up to free trials, survey companies or gambling sites, although they do offer some bigger cashback like BT and EE.

But these offers have a great advantage in that some are free to sign up to and therefore you can make a pretty penny without spending any dosh I mean cash

Lightning cashback get your cashback quicker

oh my dosh earn money online

One of the gripes of cashback is the rewards you get can take a long time to come through. However a cool feature of oh my dosh is their lightning cashback, which is payable in a mere 3 days. A lot quicker than the 3-6 months that you can wait for cashback on topcashback etc.


Free cashback – no spend cashback with oh my dosh

This is why I love oh my dosh, there are so many free cashback offerings, that you can sign up to without spending a penny. You can really raise a nice little bit of cash from doing the offers available.

One thing to remember with the free cashback is some of them are free trials. So this is where discipline is important, check you know how to cancel the trial before you sign up. Most are incredibly easy to do, advisable to not cancel too early. Set a reminder so you don’t forget to cancel otherwise you will be eating into your cashback.

You can find a list of alot of the free cashback ones I tried as a nice guide to follow

Profitable cashback

Another great way to earn money with oh my dosh is their profitable cashback offerings, and these come in two vains, either the gambling ones where you deposit say £10 but get £20 cashback. Easy £10 made. Remember the terms and conditions, there will be wagering requirements but normally as long as you wager your initial deposit and any bonus, you will get the cashback.

As a double cashback sword as well, there is a chance that the initial investment, you might get lucky and win. On poker stars for example I deposited £10 got £25 cashback and then after playing through the deposit and welcome bonus, which I kept a close eye on so I knew exactly when I hit the threshold, I was £28 up. Leaving me with not only the £25 cashback but also the £18 profit. Obviously, any winnings is a bonus, and gambling money is never money earning, you need to be smart and disciplined so as to not be gambling your money away. Taking the profit and running is the best advice for me.


The other profitable offerings are normally trial offers, that give you cash for signing up to them, same as the free ones cancel as soon as the minimum requirement is met.


Withdrawal is really easy

The best thing about oh my dosh as opposed to say 20 cogs is the withdrawal, once you have hit £10 and it is payable you can then withdraw this lovely money to PayPal. Easy peasy.


The support is fantastic, how to claim for non-tracked cashback


Oh my dosh is fantastic, sometimes with cashback sites the offers don’t track this could be a multitude of different reasons, but the support on oh my dosh is amazing. If you cannot see the cashback tracked, make sure to send them a message. They will ask for some proof, so make sure you keep hold of any deposits or game histories for the gambling offerings, as well as any email confirmations. They may ask for proof, they get back to you really quickly once you submit a ticket and in all of the ones I have had not one have I not then been paid from.


Important things to remember

Similar to my rules of cashback, but the important things to remember, would be to avoid ad blockers, often you will still be ok because the support is amazing but it may hamper automatic tracking. Also make sure you read the terms and conditions, part of the page making it clear what you need to do. Sometimes there are quirky things like can’t deposit with paypal.

The terms and conditions are not extortionately long they are very easy to find so it won’t take much time to read a few lines. Finally make sure you contact support if there is a problem.


The signup offer

Oh my dosh has a nice little sign up offer where if you sign up through my referral link you will get £1 to start with, tell your friends with your own link and when they cash out get an additional £5. Great offering if you have any friends or family who want to earn some extra money.

Sign up here if interested and get £1 free

(As a referrer I will get £5 if you cash out)