Oh my dosh three profitable cashback offers

Make £25 Profit with three cashback deals on oh my dosh

I have said it before, and I will say it again profitable cashback is a great way of earning some extra money. And there are no better opportunities for profitable cashback than with oh my dosh. With these deals, you can spend £20 then in return, you are guaranteed to get a huge return of £45 or £25 profit. I will show you exactly what to do here to get your money. There will also be an opportunity to earn even more with these deals but that will be down to luck.

What is profitable cashback?


So I am sure you are familiar with cashback, you make a purchase on a website, prior to this you click through the site from a cashback website such as top cashback, Quidco,  oh my dosh or others. You will in return get a small percentage of your purchase price paid back to you from the cashback website.

With profitable cashback, the amount you get through the cashback website is actually more than the original purchase. Sounds crazy right? well these are often through gambling sites that are hoping that you get hooked but stay smart and disciplined and you can come home with a decent-sized profit


The deals (total profit £25)


gala oh my dosh

Gala Spins is a great deal as for a £5 spend, you get £25 bonus as well as 40 free spins. So you get a decent chance of winning something decent.

  • Must be a new customer to gala or coral so be careful if signed up to coral before
  • Dep & spend £5 to get £25 Bonus (40x wagering, max stake £5, selected games). 40 Free Spins (value £0.10 each, selected games). Bonus & Free Spins valid for 7 days- decent bonus but some big old wagering requirements you would have to get lucky to get the rest of the spend.
  • Bonus has to be bet within 7 days of the first deposit.



ladbrokes oh my dosh

A really easy offer this one, sign up with Ladbrokes bingo and deposit just £5 to play through all of the bets. £5 worth and any bonus and £15 will be paid into your oh my dosh account.


  • Must be a new Ladbrokes customer
  • Participation in this promotion will prevent you from claiming any Welcome/Sign Up offers that the gambling operator may have on their website
  • Can take up to 60 days to be paid


oh my dosh mecca

£10 bet to get £15 not a huge profit but never the less still profit

  • New to mecca
  • £10 must be wagered within 7 days
  • As well as any bonuses




How to get more cashback:


So with all these offers, they are all gambling offers, so there is the chance of actually winning even more. What I do when I start betting through the amount I need. I keep track of my bets so that I know I have played through the minimum bet amount and any bonus bet offer. Then once I have hit that threshold, it may well be that I am at the point of still being able to withdraw some money. If that is the case I will do exactly that. I have met the requirements so will get the cashback then the rest is all mine. Making my profit even more.


How to make sure you get cashback

So usual cashback rules, no adblockers, ensuring you follow the terms and conditions, there is no point trying to cheat the system with multiple accounts or trying to do it when you know you can’t meet the requirements. Just take those extra minutes to ensure you are compliant.


Also, you will want to take screenshots galore, of the offer, the deposit and sign-up confirmation emails and of the bet history so that you can show that you have met the necessary requirements.


What to do if the cashback doesn’t show

Sometimes it happens that the cashback doesn’t show up as you would expect if this does happen. Do not fret, the oh my dosh support is brilliant and really helpful. You can find it here. Select the offer that you completed that isn’t showing and write a quick support message. Here is when all the screen shots you took earlier come in handy so that you can prove that you completed the offer as you should have done.


They normally get back to you very quickly and in all of the support tickets I have done I have always received a positive response and resolution. But to be honest most of the time it works seamlessly without the need for support.

Oh my dosh is generally a great way to earn some extra money with their cashback deals free trials and other free offers. You can also start off with a £1 by signing up with my referral link and check out my free cashback page to get even more money from oh my dosh




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