2020 Earnings: £400

Survey alerts emailed directly / 1 Pound for every 5 minutes

Cash out at 50 pound via cheque or BACS

If populus live was a person I would marry them.... well I wouldn’t marriage is an outdated social construct and bloody expensive, but i would most certainly be up for a relationship, in many ways it’s the perfect relationship...

They nag you very sparingly only contact you when they have a fantastic opportunity the more effort you put in the more you get out of the situation and they are stern, if they ask you a question and you don’t pay attention they punish you and take away your reward but don’t hold a grudge. For every five minutes you get a pound, surveys range from 1 - 4 minutes maybe get a few surveys a week. Definitely one of the survey companies that are worth your time. Quick easy to answer, rare screen outs. The only thing to be aware of is they will ask some questions to ensure you’re paying attention, questions that are asked at beginning of survey are repeated at end, so be aware. But ultimate one of the best and most valuable for your time. Paid when you reach £50 which I have been able to get every 2 months.