Make money searching the web

Earn money from searching the web

A novel little way of earning a bit of extra money is through searching on the web, you're not going to get rich from this method, but as a well-known supermarket brand once said, "every little helps". Spending a couple of minutes each day on these can earn you a few pennies on each of them which will all add up.


This one is a good little earner, for every 4 searches you earn one Pre-search token, and you can earn up to 8 tokens a day at the current price pre-search is worth $0.0118, so not bad for a little bit of work, for some reason when you search and get 0.25 tokens, you have to click back to the homepage for a fresh search instead of just retyping into the search bar, which is mildly annoying.

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You need to get to 1000 eligible tokens before you can withdraw, and depending on your “level” so many of your earnt tokens are eligible, I’ve got to 330 tokens which puts me at level 6, and 60% eligibility


So over a year, let's say you did 8 tokens a day, that’s 2920 tokens, which is the equivalent of 34 dollars not huge but who knows it may go up and probably the only a couple of minutes a day or passive income if you use their search engine.

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2)    Inbox pounds


Now this is one of my least favorite survey companies so many screen outs so many surveys not worth their time BUT what they do have is a way to earn 5 p every day for a minutes work every 4 searches earn a penny can earn 5 p a day, redemption is at £20 via cheque, not bad for a tiny amount of work, also signing up to their paid emails click on the links for an extra penny each email, normally get a couple every day, so not bad

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3)    Qmee


Not guaranteed search money with Qmee, but if you add the extension, there will be tons of opportunities to click on sponsored links that pop up when searching for products on bing amazon, google and eBay, normally get 5 p for a search and if you find one do the same search again can normally get a second reward for a different link.


Qmee is also very good for surveys lots of surveys and good opportunities for earning power

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4)    Microsoft rewards

Not one that you can get money but you can get points that can be redeemed for vouchers, also can earn a higher sum, can earn 90 points a day from searches on web 12 points from searches on edge browser and 60 points for searches on mobile, each search worth 3 points.


Then you can get more for logging in daily and earning daily streaks, clicking on the other links through the reward dashboard, and completing short quizzes


Rewards are £5 Xbox gift card for 5800 points  - £10 Microsoft for 11700 points, if use it regularly it all adds up quickly and can get points back when you purchase Microsoft or Xbox products from the store, so if you use either then its definitely worth it.

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