September 2021

September earnings report 2021: £600.86


September has shown again there are loads of great ways to make money online, and our old trusty methods have shone through yet again. Another very solid month for surveys and user-testing, market research was a big boost with one study, a great sign up offer from Octopus energy, which will not only save me money on my gas and electricity but also a tasty signup bonus. Also not locked in at all so free to move to anyone else (Oh yeah and the small fact about the giant octopus that is on its way.)

We have also made a bit of money with our cryptocurrency offers this month, particularly the blogging platforms but not a huge amount. Got some vouchers for Christmas as well from a few different platforms.

As always at the end of the month, I have tallied up my earnings to show you what is worth your time doing and what pays. I probably say I would spend an hour or two a day on these. Focusing on the consistent payers and the opportunities that are actually worth their money.

Surveys: £279.12

Usertesting: £76.45

Vouchers: £72.00

Market research £50.00

Crypto £17.48

Referrals £55.81

Sign up bonus: £50.00

Surveys: £279.12

Lifepoints: £85.00

An absolute stonking month from Lifepoints this month. Account 1: £55 and £35 on the second. The surveys just kept on coming this month. I found it quite tiresome, but I knew they were worth their time and the likelihood of screenouts is so much better than a tonne of the other surveys, perhaps one late screenout out of all of the surveys I completed.

Once again showing why it is the best good platform, easy to use surveys, and having actually logged in on the app found I could do a lot of these with ease

Sign up here (no referral)

Panelbase £27.85

Not as good as last month on panel base but still some decent earnings good consistent surveys. £16 from one account and over £11 from another. Happy with that one

Sign up here (no referral but you can start off with £3)

Clickworker: £15.18

Slow month for clickworker but the great study that I talked about in august, still had one that didn't get paid until September. Otherwise no other opportunities.

If you like microwork then clickworker is a good opportunity on UHRS, but for me, I am just waiting for the big opportunities. (Hopefully there shall be more)

Sign up here (Referral bonus is €5 if the person who signed up earns €10)

Populus: £50.00

An excellent solid month from Populius again, a lot of nice surveys broad range, and got well into the £50 threshold and close to the next one.

Well on the way in next month as well just nudging up to £29 already so hopefully we can get another redemption for august.

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Qmee: £15.48

Standard month from Qmee could be a lot better but some good earnings from decent surveys, but I only did the ones that were worth my time and only tried if I could be bothered with them.

Sign up here (50 pence each for signing up)

Askable £30.00

A good solid month from askable 1 survey that took 5 minutes for £5 and one study that was a 30-minute video call that was paid £25

It is on the edge of market research askable but just because they have quick surveys. I keep them here. their method of applying is easier through text and their website. It is much better than trying to take a phone call whilst you are at work while they ask you the same questions.

Sign up here

Views bank £14.64

This one is rare with the surveys, all about insurance but well worth signing up even for just the daily poll that gives you 10 pence Monday - Friday

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Swagbucks £10.00

I slogged a few surveys this month, but not worth my time, I am checking less and less but still check out to see if some decent surveys every so often.

It is the screenouts that will kill you

Appen £7.57

I have applied for a lot of jobs and all I got invited to was an audio checking one, it was quite a slog, probably paid about minimum wage. But not really a fan

I Will keep checking for new studies

Pulse £14.84

Decent app this one, you get higher levels the more unpaid pulses you do, then the higher your level the more your paid pulses are worth

Each paid 'pulse' is about 3-4 questions and my current level gets me at 17 cents a pulse, some people are on like 83 cents but that would take a while to get there. I very rarely do the unpaid ones but may start doing them, a few every day to boost my level.

Decent app, withdrawal at $20 and paid straight to PayPal very good

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Citizen me £2.06

The little mobile app, a couple of very short snappy surveys, one worth £1.83, this won't get you rich but it all adds up

Street Bees £0.50

Another app I am tired of, tried going on there but I just do not feel they are worth the time

Sony study £6.00

A random study this one, but got invited to watch a video and answer few questions was decent pay, think it is a community that I signed up to through a panel base survey

If interested in surveys make sure to check out my reviews page of all the survey companies and also my ultimate guide to earning money with surveys.

Guide to earning money online with surveys

Usertesting: £76.45

Usertesting: £37.11

A decent month with User Testing this month, some good studies as I Write this I have 3 pending studies awaiting payment so hoping for some more money in October

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Intellizoom: £39.34

Again good solid month for intellizoom, lots of studies quite sporadic but was fortunate to get into a few in a row which was good.

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Vouchers: £72.00

Consumer pulse: £50 (Argos voucher)

A great money earner this one, this was another invite from panel base, each week you tell them about the things you buy and then get some points. Complete their extra surveys as well for further points. I redeemed for a lovely £50 Argos voucher for Christmas.

I-say: £5.00

Another £5 I-say voucher.... how I am not so sure their screenouts are an abomination at the moment. I am losing favour with you I-say

TRP Surveys £7.00

£5.00 after the culmination of their daily surveys and a small bonus survey for £2.00 as well not bad at all

Point voucher £10

£10 voucher from point voucher trail, and a profitable cashback through Oh my dosh.

Really easy and quick to do, check it out here

Market research: £50.00

Completed another Market research this one I think from take part in research, £50 for an hour video call, about a chartiy. Love these earning opportunities.

The problem is trying to get accepted the amount of phone calls I have missed, and then being available at  the times. Be so much easier if could work from home more often, but still they do some evening ones like this one, and the communities are the best opportunites as well.

Crypto: £17.48

Not a lot from crypto this month but still cannot complain! £10.73

Bit less than leo, which is surprising as normally is my best crypto earner, but the earning shave definitely dropped recently


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Leo finance blog: £2.77

Didnt post many articles this month with leo finance but some bonus crypto (leo token) for just copying and pasting a couple of articles in a different form.

Publish ox  £0.68



Referrals: £55.81

Cake defi £7.42

Got just the one referral bonus this month. But more DFI to hold so happy with that.

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Full guide here

Zumo £8.39

The zumo referral bonus is now over unfortunately but managed to increase balance a bit in september

Download the app here - verify ID
Use my code when asked - RSYTN.

Zilch £10

£10 zilch referral bonus this month, really easy way to get some free money.

Sign up here

Read the full guide here


Another offer that is now over, but this was a really easy way to get a free £10, just by signing up and opening a bank. The referral offer was short lived but nice easy money.

You have got to be quick with some of these

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Sign up offers £50

Octopus energy: £50(and a giant octopus

It was definitely well overdue changing my energy provider, and octopus are offering £50 referral bonus as well.

Sign up here to get £50 cashback

I'll either leave it in my account or withdraw after my meter readings this month

(Be mindful, you may find yourself paying two bills in same month. Will work out better in long run but not in short term, check what balance your current account is at. But likely you will find cheaper energy else where, so may as well check out whether it is cheaper elsewhere.

On to the next month

September was another great month, see how it compares to past months. October is starting off well with 2 market research studies just awaiting payment. Hopefully we can achieve even more

Thanks for muddling your way through my earnings reports hope you found it interesting and if any queries about any of them you can contact me here or via email or

Always more than happy to help

Here is to october and more moneyearning