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2018 Speed champions investments: How do they perform

Previous years have shown that across the board speed champions sets have performed extremely well post-retirement, with almost all of the sets being bought at a 20 – 30% discount (as you would expect) you can expect to earn a 100% return on investment post all of the fees when selling on amazon. Now, what investment can you reliably get 100% return on other than Lego? well if you find one let me know

So let's see if the 2018 sets performed as well as 2015, 2016 and 2017 which all performed swimmingly


75884 1968 Ford Mustang RRP £12.99 Release date ­01/03/2018 – Retired 31/12/2019

As always with these sets discounts of between 20-30% would have been target buys and anything at £10 was on offer a few times on Amazon.


12 months after retirement we were seeing high 20’s and lows £30 on amazon which would have hit the 100% return on investment, and at times also hit £40 – 45.


75885 Ford Fiesta M Sport RRP £12.99 Release date ­01/03/2018 – Retired 31/12/2019

There was a fair few opportunities on amazon to get this set for less than £10 at less than £8 getting to 40% discount is an excellent price.


Same again a year after retirement £30-40 was the amazon FBA price point.


A further year down the line £50-60, making this another fantastic investment.


75886 Ferrari 488 GT3 RRP £12.99 Release date ­01/03/2018 – Retired 31/12/2019


Not discounted as often or as much as the Fiesta but could have got this set for £10


Very similar to the previous sets one year after retirement £30-40 on FBA, and currently now selling at £55

75887 Porsche 919 Hybrid  RRP £12.99 Release date ­01/03/2018 – Retired 31/12/2018

This set was only out for 9 months less than 1 year, in the past if this has been the case it has been a sign of unpopularity and then not as much performance.

This set in its short spell on the market was available quite often at £7.98.

One year after retirement £30 price point was hit so another 100% return on investment.

Then a further year down the line December 2020 and January 2021 we were at £69 which is still the price point at the moment

An absolutely whopping investment, but I would probably not have bought as would have waited until it had been out for a year, unless if at a whopping discount

75888 Porsche 911 RSR and Turbo 911 Hybrid  RRP £34.99 Release date ­01/03/2018 – Retired 31/12/2019

Another Porsche set this time two 911, which I think Porsche as with many other car brands is very collectable. This is a good marker for any Lego investing.

A good price point for this whilst on the market would have been. Close to 30% discount.


With a higher price point sometimes harder to get a 100% return on investment

A year after retirement it was pushing £60, a decent return and 100%  would have been close but perhaps not quite there. But definitely, a little bit longer 100% was there so another solid set, but certainly not as clear cut as the smaller sets.

75889 Ferrari Ultimate Garage   RRP £89.99 Release date ­01/03/2018 – Retired 31/12/2019

A big old set this one, Ferrari garage 3 Ferrari cars.


Could have got this set for about £20 off £69.99 a good price point of 20-25%


But again a much bigger set going to be harder to get 100%, but ideally looking at £160 +


A year after retirement it was just a little under, it certainly got back up there without a problem but not as easy as getting that 100% return as other sets.


Certainly a return but perhaps just a bit shy of the targets we would have set.

What have these sets taught us

Same again 20-25% discount is where we would want to be buying at. A couple of the sets could have got at even better price points 40% off. As always in retail 50% off is not impossible either on the clearance shelves of supermarkets or others.


The life span of these sets bar 1 is very consistent again, so to keep that money ticking over you want to be buying as close to retirement as possible so any sets a year after release I would be considering when discount comes, and keeping a particular beady look around Christmas time and in post-Christmas for those clearance sets from the shelves.


The smaller sets have once again performed so much better than others, but the overriding feature is that speed champions are a solid investment!


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