Lego star wars investments 2016 (1) - How much did they go up in value

We are back with more Lego investments, seeing how they performed post-retirement. The latest is Lego star wars investments. Starting with 2016. There are a lot of sets in the star wars collection. You would expect them to be good solid investments due to the popularity of the brand and the collectability of the items included.

With our Lego investments, our strategy is to buy at a discounted rate, wait until they retire and sell on Amazon for a profit

As always with our lego our aim is 100% return on investment, so with a rough rule of thumb we are seeking to sell on amazon 3 times what we paid for it and then after fees, we will be looking at 100% return on investment. We would aim to achieve this ideally in 12 -18 months post-retirement.

There are a lot of star wars sets so they will be split into bulky categories

So let’s dive in and see how star wars performed


75098 Assault on Hoth RRP £229.99 – Release date 01/05/2016 – Exit 31/12/2017


Can’t quite see what the discounts were that were available but would only purchase at about a 20% discount at about £180.


The first couple of years after retirement, we would have struggled to make our return. With the price going up to about £360. However, in 2020 2 years after retirement, the price was hitting well over £800 and currently sits at £900. A splendid return. But perhaps not as quick as we’d have liked. But as a long term investment incredible

Were the Lego buildable figures a good investment?

Next, we have buildable figures, not your usual Lego sets.


75113 Rey RRP £14.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/12/2016

Only out a year this set, and obviously not a very popular one. Could have got it for cheaper but at the moment not doing very much more than when it was first released just creeping over RRP at £18.99

Not a good buy


75114 First order stormtrooper RRP £14.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/12/2017


This set was out twice as long as Rey figure.

Could have picked it up for £10 at discount whilst on the market. Year after retirement you were looking at £30 so certainly 100% ROI

It has kept rising and currently sits at £50, much more like it.


75115 Poe Dameron RRP £19.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/12/2016


Another set only out for a year and quite a pricey one at that. Similar to Rey figure has not performed as well. Sitting currently at £25. We would be some way off our 100% mark


75116  Finn RRP £19.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/12/2017

Finn was out for 2 years at the high price point.

Could have picked up for £12-13 but another poor performer, never really going higher than £25 not a great buy either

75117 Kylo ren RRP £19.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/07/2018

Long time on the market this one 2 and a half years. Certainly performing better and if could buy at £15 would clear 100% ROI after a year or 2, as it crept up to £40 + in 2020 currently at just under £50


75118 Captain Phasma RRP £19.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/12/17

Looking at about £35 after a year post-retirement, better but not clear on 100%. Slowly creeping up but another minifigure which is not looking great investment.

Sure will make money but not 100%

75119 Sergeant Jyn Erso RRP £19.99 – Release date 30/09/2016 – Exit 31/12/17

Just over a year this minifigure. Very poor performer not much more than RRP even now.

75120 K2SO RRP £19.99 – Release date 30/09/2016 – Exit 31/12/17

Taking a long time to go further up these sets were clearly not popular it has got up there a bit now currently sitting at £45+. But it has taken a couple of years to get there. Again another you would make money but not as quick as we would have liked


75121 Imperial death trooper RRP £19.99 – Release date 30/09/2016 – Exit 31/12/17

24 months after retirement we would have hit 100% comfortably if bought at 25% discount. But again took a while to get there.

Quite an eye-opening exploration the minifigures. Not sets that I would currently associate with Lego star wars and perhaps there is a reason.

I think star wars will certainly keep its value and be more valuable the more you go but for our target of flipping in a couple of years perhaps not ideal.


How do you avoid these bad buys?

The best way to know you are onto a winner is to check the BSR ranking on amazon to see which sets are popular. Difficult to say but I imagine these sets were never that popular and that would explain their poor resale.



Are Lego star ware micro fighters a good investment?


After the somewhat disappointing nature of the 2016 figures, next is the micro fighters. Small sets that only cost £8.99. (Same price as the current ones) How will these perform post-retirement. I think we shall learn a lot more about these sets than we would the figures.



75125 X wing fighter RRP £8.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/12/17

This set could have been picked up for £6 quite comfortably. A year after retirement was doing very nicely at £25+ so easily 100% ROI and more. Currently priced at over £30


75126 First order snowspeeder fighter RRP £8.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/12/17

This set could have been picked up at half price, I saw a lot of the millennium falcon micro fighters last year also at half price. A year after retirement would have been very close to 100% return on investment seems to have bounced around a bit but always safe profit.


75127 The ghost micro fighter RRP £8.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/12/16

This set only out a year and maybe that explains the current price sitting at just under £50

Could have been bought regularly at a discount of £6

Year after retirement was looking at around £20 so a good solid 100% ROI but seems to have gone from strength to strength.


75128 Tie advanced prototype micro fighter RRP £8.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/12/17

This set again good discount price would have been about £6 -7, but likely discounted more in retail I would imagine.

A year after retirement it was at £20+ and has remained there since then pushing up to £25.

But another good return on investment.

75129 Wookie gunship  RRP £8.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/12/17


Discounted at about £7 not quite there on the 100% a year after looking at £18-20, much more comfortable in year 2 getting to £25 and now just under £30

75130 ATDP  fighter RRP £8.99 – Release date 01/01/2016 – Exit 31/12/16

Again a couple of quid off at £7 was a standard discount.

Just about a year after retirement, it was looking at over £20 around Christmas time so could again have made a 100% return

So what to do with this information?

Well, the figures are not particularly relevant anymore. Overall have performed poorly. But some good buys, I expect them to hold their value well.


The micro fighters have done ok. I think I maybe would be looking at 40-50% discount on them if at all possible, that is doable with the current ones on market. Has been in retail so keep eyes peeled I would be tempted with any of them at a third off.


Millennium Falcon and Razor crest are two sets similar to the micro fighters that we just looked at.


75321 razor crest



The New set is only out in Jan 2022 so plenty of time to snap these up at discount and after finding the millennium falcon at half price that is what I will be hunting for these as well. But no rush


75295 Millenium Falcon

75295 has been out for a year longer. So although snapped up some already will be looking for more of these. Hopefully should retire this year and you would think this would do well


Very popular best sellers rank so certainly I would be keeping hold of a few of these

Stay tuned for part 2, and check out more of my lego investment explorations here