Curious cat

Curious cat: A survey app not worth your time?

Your time is important, many survey companies and apps are good value for your time, some however are not. Where does curious cat fit in with this at the moment? and is it still possible to earn just under £200 a year as we did in 2020

What is Curious cat

Curious cat is a survey app that you can have on your phone available on iPhone and Google play. You can do a variety of different surveys, from the comfort of your phone. They will tell you the amount of money you will get paid and usually the time that it will take to complete it.


The best parts about curious cat and the appeal of it originally, is firstly the very low cash payout, you can get paid to paypal with a minimum withdrawal of just £1.00. For that reason alone it is one of the best payment opportunities

Then secondly the sheer number of surveys is huge, lots available. The downside of my favourite sites, like Populus or Lifepoints. Would be that sometimes there are not enough surveys you run out. Not a problem with curious cat there is always surveys to do and lots of them irrelevant of the time of day.

Is it worth it however?

Time is precious, time is the reason I am doing these money earning methods in the first place. So that one day time will be my own. You may have an hour a day or two hours a day to earn some extra money online. So it is therefore imperative that you maximise your time to make the most out of it.

I would therefore not waste your time with curious cat apart from a few select surveys, the money for the surveys is an absolute pittance. Pennies for 15-20 minutes is certainly not worth your time.

There are tonnes of better ways to make some extra money online. A basic test would be could you earn the minimum wage on the surveys. Populus on average will pay you £12 an hour (at worst) - Lifepoints normally averages about £10+ panelbase maybe a bit less. Qmee it depends on the surveys. But if you were to work solidly on curious cat for an hour. For the rate of pay I think you would be lucky to eanr £2-3.

The small saving grace is the advert surveys, they normally come in 2 or 3 parts, and pay 75p for watching an advert or something similar. They normally are at the top of the app, not as often as the others and have distinctive banner across them. These are the ones that are worth doing.

It used to be so much better

2020 Earnings:- £195.95

In 2020 I earned just under £200 from curious cat, the site I have just criticized so ruthlessly, so either I was wasting more time than I am this year. Or the surveys have got ridiculosuly poor.

To be honest, I think it is probably a bit of both, I have definitely been more mindful of spending my time more fruitfully this year. But also there has been a clear distinct change in the quality and value of surveys.

Let me know in the comments if this is a me problem or a curious cat problem I am intrigued

This year I have earned just £25.70 for the year showing the stark contrast. You have got to mix it up as soon as a method is not profitable bin it

But for me at least I am done with the cute little cat. Apart from the surveys that I have already spoken about. But I am hoping things get better.... time as always will tell, but make sure not to waste it.

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