Many doubt that serious money can be made with online surveys but this Lifepoints review will show you that this is certainly not the case. There are a few fantastic survey sites, and one of them is Lifepoints. In 2021 I made £625 which was my top earning survey site. 2020 I made £520, so this is not only a great earner but a consistent one.

What is Lifepoints survey website

Lifepoints is a survey site that has been around for a long time, but under a different name.

If anyone used in the past "global test market" or "my surveys" this is the amalgamation of these websites, which have been around for years and in my many years of experience with these sites, they have always paid really well for online survey work.

As well as on desktop Lifepoints panel is also available on the app store on Iphone and google play. (however I certainly prefer the desktop but the app is improving)

The surveys on offer at Lifepoints

Lifepoints has a good selection, of short to medium surveys. Some taking just a couple of minutes some over 10 minutes. There is also the opportunity for much larger projects with really good payouts.

Their surveys are sporadic, some days there will be none, but other days you get loads, time to snap them up when they arrive.


I find their surveys quick and easy to do, you will see the number of points you get for each survey, and the amount of time expected to take, I often find it normally takes a fraction of the time that is advertised. Which is why I think it is so worth the time.

For sure there is some that are laborious for the reward given, but if that is the case you will learn the ones to avoid, on balance they are well worth it.

If you are not adverse to showing your face on camera then you can get a real boost to your points by filming your mug whilst watching the tv ad surveys, where you will get an extra 200 points (£1.70 worth) for doing as such, video will only be used with the market research company. This payment is normally delayed but well worth the wait.


The bane of the survey taker the screenout, as with all you get some screenouts, but generally early on in the survey, not often late ones.

Again look out for the attention check questions not as often with Lifepoints but they want to make sure you are not just clicking blindly so make sure you skim read the questions atleast.

Extra paying opportunities

Another great thing about lifepoints are the extra opportunites that are available. Keep a look out for their really well paying longer studies, quite often they will do one about personal hygiene routine, and the last year have been doing some very well paying studies asking about my battery purchases and my fluid intake which pays really well for completing the whole study.


Lifepoints payment is at £5.00 PayPal for 575 lifepoints, once redeemed it can take 1-2 weeks to get into your account, but it always gets there never fails.

You can also redeem for an array of vouchers

My history with lifepoints

So in 2020 earnt a humungous £520.00, very happy with that, and in 2021 £625. There is great pedigree from this site, it is a fantastic earner, treat them well and they will reward you.

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