YLive (Populus live) surveys review: Is this the best survey company?

How does an extra £50 a month sound, pretty good? well, that is exactly what I earn with the Ylive / Populus survey. In 2021 I took home £600 cash from doing surveys through Y live / Populus.

Populus is changing its name to Y Live, but the good news is that this is the only thing that is changing!

I have tried and tested many survey sites over the years and YLive is certainly my favourite

Populus survey review

YLive is a great survey site to earn extra money online and is my favourite survey company my review will explain why

Is YLive any good?

This survey site is by far the favourite that I use every day. That is because of many reasons. It is not one you hear about from other people a huge amount and that is probably because they don't offer a referral bonus. But the best ones don't need to because they will consistently, earn you big money.

How to sign up with YLIVE?

The site is really easy to sign up to, sign up with your name and email address, fill out your demographic questions and see the surveys come in. It probably only took about 5-10 minutes to do the signup and once it is done, you can leave it, and come back to it to keep it updated.

How much does YLive pay?

Enter your bank details (sort code and account number) to ensure you get paid, you will get paid once you reach £50, (I would say on average you can get to this every 2 months quite comfortably) If you hit the £50 threshold at the end of the month then the following month 2-3 weeks in you will get paid via Bacs bank transfer. They still offer cheques but cheques were slowed because of covid, so Bacs is the way forward now

Where to do the surveys for YLive?

To get the surveys you don't need to log into the platform to check if any are ready like other survey companies, instead, you will need to check your email. I do this once a day as my first money earning task seeing if any Populus surveys are in. They will tell you the reward and the time it will take normally anywhere between £1-£5 and £5-25 respectively, as well as telling you which devices you can complete the surveys on.

The times are always normally less than advertised.

How long do the surveys take/?

The surveys are always well-engineered on their own platform so all the surveys tend to look the same, I like this as you know it is going to work, most other companies operate all sorts of survey companies on there, and there are so many that do not work, or glitch out at certain points.

With Populus, you know what you are going to get and they always work without fail, the topics are on a wide variety of different subjects, which again is great as it means the surveys are always available, better than some others that will only have surveys on particular subjects like YouGov or views bank, meaning at times there are less.

The surveys are fun and interesting to complete, work really well on your phone as well as desktop and tablet, and are well rewarded for the time it takes to do them

Are there lots of screenouts?

Ah, the screenouts, the bain of any surveyor, halfway through a survey and boom you are not suitable well thank you, I have just wasted my time.

Not the case with Populus, yes there are screenouts there have to be as the companies only want to interview people with certain demographics, but with Populus you will either get screened out very early or not at all, no more getting to 80% done and bye bye money.

Pay attention throughout if want your money?

That being said it is important with Populus to pay attention, survey companies want to know that you are giving truthful answers, they don't want you to speed clicking through everything to get through the survey.

I'll be honest I have been known to do this, with Populus I don't need to as I feel I am being well rewarded for my time, but at times we can all mindlessly click a little bit, and I wouldn't have made what I have if I didnt do this.

But Populus will offer some screening questions at the start to make sure you are paying attention, (ensuring you don't click you are living in Antarctica) they will also ask screening questions at the end so need to make sure these match your questions at the start (normally your postcode)

There will also be 1 or 2 'attention check' questions in the middle of the survey, easy to scroll through and see them but if you click the wrong answer you will get booted from that survey.

I have done this a number of times when zoning out, but fair is fair

The negative points to YLive

Populus overall is pretty good, but the negative points have to be mentioned as well, the attention checks if done wrong can mean you do the entire survey and then throw it away at the last.

Also because they are quite sporadic you won't make your fortune, other survey sites will be needed to complete

In summary is YLive any good?

Populus is by far in my humble opinion the best site. there will be quiet days sure, but overall for their time, it is a must. You are certainly well rewarded for your time on a reliable basis. With easy to complete clear surveys, that don't screen you out late, pay you well for your time, and keep you on track a couple of times ensuring you are paying attention.

I love the fact they pay cash, and although it can feel like £50 is a long way away and normally I would warn of surveys with a high threshold, on average you will get there every 2 months, that makes it comfortably £300 a year I would say straight into your bank, but let's say I am being ultra lucky and fit into the perfect demographic. You may not but a lot of others I know are earning £150 -200 comfortably. I may be just more hardcore and don't miss any.

That's why when I get home from my grind of a day, I open up my emails search YLive and complete whatever they have on offer, if you are going to make serious money with surveys you will need other accounts but this should be the first one you sign up to.