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Pureprofile is okish not a superb survey company, they have a few, the ones they do have I would say they are worth their time, their surveys, lots of screenouts, but they always tend to be quite early on in the journey.


I would say they tend to be quite standard rewards for their time, 50p for 10 minutes work, 1.5 for half an hour so not great by any stretch of the imagination, the ones that I do that are successful probably take about half of the time advertised, but still yeh not great.

Redeeming feature with this survey website is that for every survey you attempt and fail you get 5p, and going back through the last year that is what I have raked up my cash from, completing very few surveys and mainly getting the pennies from being screened out.

2020 Earnings:

But doing this in just under a year I have earned a not so whopping £35, which is not great at all, but that is probably from spending a very tiny amount of time on them, going in getting screened out boom 5p, which all adds up I guess.

But I suppose because of the money being worth for the surveys that are successful I persevere


The payment is at £20.00 and can be redeemed for vouchers or bank transfer

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Good referral program --- Best sites don't have referral offers
You can earn a fair bit on the referral but it also depends on how much the referee earns