Qmee is it still possible to make good money on Qmee?

Qmee used to be one of my favourite sites to make some extra money on. Even as recent as last year in 2020. I earned £285.84 from Qmee. Not bad for just doing a few surveys online.

Nearly a year down the line, is QMEE still as good as it once was or have my priorities changed?

What is QMEE?

Qmee is many things, mainly it is a survey site, it is also a mobile app which you can complete surveys on as well. Available on app store and google play.

QMEE also has a browser extension which you can add more money with as well by earning through searching the web, you can also earn from completing cashback offers or downloading mobile apps.

It has got it all.


How to earn money with QMEE?

There are lots of ways to earn with QMEE a whole variety of different methods all with varying joys.


First surveys which are what QMEE is best known for, they always have a wide variety of surveys available, they tell you the time expected to take, and the amount of money you will earn for each survey.

For surveys, it is definitely a good earner, and throughout the day there are always surveys normally more between 9-5 Monday to Friday, but definitely available all of the time, just maybe not as much at weekends.

I would say their surveys are not always worth it, some can take too long and not be worth the time you invest to complete them. Others however can be done very quickly and rapidly for big payment, so be selective.

There is still the opportunity to do some on the mobile app, so you can do the surveys whilst on the move but I would say not as much as on the website page itself. But still worth checking out to boost that piggy bank.



It is also possible to earn money from QMEE's cashback offers, I am not sure how well they track it is only hearsay evidence, but could be good ways of boosting, honestly unless you were getting something anyway and there were no other sites using I would probably leave this.

But if you are doing any of the following anyway I would give it a go. I know of some people who have had good success.

As with all cashback offerings always consult the rules of cashback.


This one I like quite a lot, you have to download their browser extension on chrome be signed in, and then when you make any qualifying searches on bing, eBay, google or amazon. Occasionally a little sponsored link will pop out at the side, click on that and get a few pence for doing this, you can normally get two a day. Not a lot of money 9-10 pence for 2 searches but it all adds up.





Occasionally you can also earn from completing their simple quiz each day as well again only 3 pence a day but well you know what I am going to say.



Another area that I haven't tried out so much yet with QMEE is the gaming apps, but I see these on a few sites and in past experiences you will spend a lot of time playing an infuriating mobile game, that getting to the level required for free is impossible or hard. I may be wrong but for me, it is not the best use of your time. Unless you are playing these games anyway in which case what have you to lose.

Where is QMEE available?

QMEE is available in the UK, US, Canada and Australia, they say with new countries incoming


This is the best bit payment is quick and instant to Paypal, got to love it. No minimum payment amount so no trying to reach an impossibly high threshold, just link your PayPal account and then withdraw instantly. I tend to do this once a month. As I would never advise hoarding to any survey site. Withdraw regularly.


QMEE is definitely getting a lot worse or at least it is for me. The screen outs have become a much more regular occurrence. With a lot of late screenouts where I have wasted 10 minutes of my time for no reward.

The payout for a lot of surveys is truly minimal, and although there are some good paying surveys £1.50 for 5-10 minutes. For me the time-wasting ones and the late screenouts out way the benefit of the good ones most of the time.


Its got some good redeeming features, but it is one of those jack of all trades without being superb at any, mediocre with surveys, limited cashback deals.

So if your looking for the best survey site go elsewhere, if your looking for one of a few to keep your eye in and slowly top up your balance this is worth having a look at.

Sign up bonus

If you sign up with my link then when you cash out your first PayPal amount can be just a quid, then you get an extra 50 pence which is nice! Nice for me and nice for you.

My plan with QMEE

Am I completely done with QMEE?, not yet as my 2021 earnings will attest to, I am still earning a decent amount each month £15 - 20. But I want to make sure I am not wasting my time too much on here. So it will still be one that I check daily, do minimum one survey a day on there and hope to get money from their searches.

But I see people slogging away on just QMEE, doing all the surveys they have to offer, the best way to make money online with these things is to diversify your time. There are a lot of better survey sites, you can get paid for other ways as well sign up offers, cashback, user testing and market research. Put all your eggs into QMEE, sure you will earn more from there but use that same time wisely into other endeavours you are sure to earn a lot more.

Before you even think about QMEE, you should be using these survey sites first, your time and sanity will thank you

1) Populus

2) Lifepoints

3) Panelbase



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