Toluna: Is it worth your time?

Toluna is a survey site that I have been using for some time, in 2020 I earned £210 from it. Was most pleased. So why in 2021 have I stopped using it altogether?, and have I left prematurely?

Toluna what is it:

Toluna is another classic survey website. It has a good range of surveys so there is normally always some to do on there. So good in that respect. You can get paid in cash through Paypal or through many different vouchers.

Their surveys range in time from 5 minutes to 40 minutes with different rates of pay that we will get on to.

You can also earn points from doing their paid polls as well which can top up your balance nicely


Are the toluna surveys worth it?

So to see if the surveys are worth the time,  first we must convert their points to see what they actually equate to. So the PayPal redemption minimum is £35, (again another frustration with this site.) This will cost you in toluna points 190,000 points so £1 is 5,428 points.

Now that means nothing at the moment but it will all become clear.

Here is a snapshot of the surveys on offer on the front page as I write this article

  1. 2500 for 40 minutes (46 pence)
  2. 1200 for 5 minutes (22 pence)
  3. 1600 for 15 minutes (29 pence)
  4. 1600 for 15 minutes (29 pence)
  5. 1400 points for 13 minutes (25 pence)

So if you complete all 5 surveys in the time predicted you will get paid £1.51 for 88 minutes.

How on earth are people doing these surveys. It is maddening. (I was one of them I guess)



What I used to do with toluna surveys

So it is clear as day the surveys are not worth it but there were ways that it used to be worth it. That is from the extra bonus surveys, so those 5 minute 1200 points surveys, were good for 2 reasons. Firstly they would at times literally take a minute. Then also often it would be these short snappy surveys that would invite you to big paying ones, communities where you would get piad over 100,000 points.

These were the ones that were worth doing. They probably still are, I had one this year but it just became too much hassle looking for it.

It gets worse with toluna surveys screenouts

The above points are based on if you successfully did all the surveys, but toluna gets even worse when it comes down to the fact that the screenouts are absurdly high and often, so as a consequence so much time is wasted, even further. The screen-out rate is very high.

There are better survey companies out there

By far there are serious better survey companies out there by far. The time you spend on toluna can seriously be spent more productively elsewhere. I think it is the same as QMEE and Curious cat the more people do these crappy surveys the more they will exist. Your time is worth far more than that.

Particularly if you are in the UK you wouldn't work for pennies for an hour.

What countries can you use toluna surveys?

Toluna is however available in lots of different countries in which case if somewhere else in the world they may be more worth your time.

The full list of countries are as follows:

  • North America: The United States and Canada.
  • South America: Brazil and Mexico.
  • EMEA: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Russia.
  • Asia Pacific: Australia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea.


For me, this survey site is just not worth your time there are many better ways to earn money. if in other countries then perhaps, if you get lucky with the surveys then as well maybe can make a quick buck, but for me a poor use of time.

For some better survey options try out my top three sites

1) Populus

2) Lifepoints

3) Panelbase

Follow my ultimate survey guide as well to help

There are always plenty of other ways to make money as well. Usertesting, Cashback, Market research are all great ways of earning some extra money.