The best Nhs discounts 2022

The best Nhs discounts 2022


I am proud to work as part of the NHS and as a result, I am also fortunate to be able to claim some superb NHS discounts. There are lots of NHS discounts that are available for people who work within the NHS, these are great ways of saving money if you work in the NHS. I have accumulated some of the best groups of NHS discounts in 2022.

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Blue light card - Lots of amazing NHS discounts

The blue light card offers discounts for lots of different members, not just NHS staff. It also includes the armed forces and emergency services.

blue light card nhs discounts

It does cost a little bit but it only costs £4.99 for 2 years of access to the blue light card.


To sign up as an NHS member you need an NHS payslip or ID to sign up, It also includes members who are currently retired as well if can show your P60 showing an NHS pension and you can sign up here


You get a physical card as well as an online account. Can find all of the offers available on the app or website.

NHS discounts available

There are so many discounts available on online stores and shops, as well as discounts on gift cards in a variety of places.

Viewing the NHS discounts on the APP is very handy as well. I think it is a must-have for any NHS staff to have this card. There are so many places that support the blue light card or this card will be sufficient in most places to show you work for the NHS and get any other discounts. You will certainly cover the £5 charge very quickly.



If you download the Mcdonald's app and sign up with your NHS email you can get a whopping 20% NHS discount in 2022.  


Once a week when you buy through the app you can apply this discount to your order before you.  A lovely offering to get your favourite fast food.

Applies to eating in orders and takeaway orders when bought on the app.

Not sure how long this will last as some of these discounts for NHS like the 10% off Morrisons as been and gone. But in the meantime, I will be snapping up my weekly discounted big mac.


Health service discounts website for great NHS discounts


Another good site that offers discounts for NHS staff, is free to sign up and with some superb exclusive offerings.

I would probably say with the discounts see if they are the best offers as some can be found cheaper elsewhere. But of all the NHS discount sites, I find this one the best in my previous experience.

They have probably the biggest selection of offers across similar websites and are really easy to use. With the vast majority of their offers you get a code that you can save before clicking through to the site that you can then add to checkout as well.


The ode card, get great cashback on all your purchases

On the health services discounts page, you will also see an option of a cashback card. This is something that income whilst shopping.

It gives you cash back at a whole variety of offers. Including Asda, Sainsbury's and Argos.

i am incredibly excited about and think will be fantastic for making some passive free for the first year and then an annual fee of £2.99

This could be an excellent way of boosting your income just by shopping in a really cool passive way. I have just ordered mine, and hope to stack some decent rewards in time.

Cashback is always a great way to make some very easy money and if interested in the ODE card check out my guide to other cashback sites and options here

Voucher codes, NHS discounts and free gift cards

Voucher codes are another excellent place for NHS discounts. They have a separate section for NHS staff which offers ‘exclusive discounts’ but again don’t presume that these will be the best offers around.

What I like about voucher codes is that some of their offers are clear classic discount offerings but there are others where you can get different vouchers for making purchases. Which is always rather nice. Always well worth a look and with the voucher codes extension, it is really easy to know if there are any discounts available.

Voucher codes also often have their ‘blue week’ which are opportunities to get some cashback vouchers for purchases, you need to be quite quick to snap them up, but only available to NHS staff.


There are lots of other places for NHS discounts that I am going to go and explore and will add more to this page when I find them. Let me know if find any great offers







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