Tickr, Get free money, invest, save the planet.

I signed up to TICKR a month, it was one of a few offers that I signed up to get some free money.

Since then I have started investing in making my money work for me, so I have gone back to TICKR to see if it is worthwhile investing on the platform.

What is TICKR

TICKR is an app that you can have on iPhone or Android, it is an app that you can use to invest in companies, the idea behind TICKR, is impact investing, investing in projects that you believe in.

There is a good theme of different projects and companies to invest in, electric vehicles, eco friends and ethical products, sustainable products, lots of different ones to choose from.

You can open a stocks and shares ISA, a general investment account and a Junior stocks and shares ISA.

You can save into your account by depositing, setting up a monthly amount to go into your account or with their 'round ups' you can round up each purchase to the nearest £ and it will go straight into your TICKR account, a common thing for these types of apps that link to your bank account.

The important bit TICKR has all the necessary securities and is approved by the FCA

FSCS Protected

Your assets with tickr are protected by the government’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme (known as FSCS) up to a limit of £85,000. The FSCS will not provide compensation for poor investment performance. You can read more about FSCS protection for investments via their website.

Bank Level Encryption

We use bank level 256-bit TLS encryption to protect your personal information. We never share your information with third parties without your consent.

FCA Regulated

tickr is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The signup bonus

This was the original reason I signed up to TICKR was just the free money, and it is not a load of money, but as I will always say, every little helps.

TICKR offer a pretty cool and profitable signup service.

If you sign up and deposit £5 into their investing platform, you get £15 free and not just that you will also have planted 2 trees, making you some money and the world a better place.

One thing to be mindful of is that you have to leave the money in the account for 90- days before you can withdraw it AND also another thing to mention is that there is a monthly fee of £1 if you keep money in your investing platform, so after 90 days your bonus will have dwindled a little bit, but onto to a solid £12.

£12 although not instant for a few minutes work is very much worthwhile in my eyes.

The process was easy to sign up for, the withdrawal was quick you may just want to set a reminder somewhere to ensure you maximise your money.

Sign up here

Investing with TICKR

Now you may be looking at investing for the long term and not simply to make a quick buck, so how does TICKR's investing platform work?

So their plan and ideal is to get people investing that previously didn't think that it was doable, they have tried to make it simple and accessible, to be honest this is nothing crazy new, freetrade, trading212 all make it very easy to invest on your phone. As well as getting some free money as well.

It is an area I had never really thought about, investing wasn't for me it was for rich people, well that is a load of baloney, investing should be for everyone get your money to grow, improve your life. Ofcourse with any investments there is risk, but you have the luxury of playing it safe.

Tickr aims to do this to make it easy and accessible for everyone, as well as this they only offer impact investments, investments in "generate social and environmental solutions, alongside a financial return. They’re at the cutting edge of global change. And you can join them."

One nice little function with TICKR is the roundup, so by linking your account to your bank account each time you make a purchase it will round up the purchase to the next nearest pound and pop it in the TICKR investment account, an easy passive way for money to slide out of your account and do some work for you without you noticing.

My biggest downside with TICKR is the £1 fee, at a time when I would only be investing pocket money, it seems illogical for my balance to go down each month, I am sure the likelihood is that it would go up, but to be honest I am sure there are better ways to grow my money with cheaper fees.

But it is the impact investing that is their draw, the fact you plant a couple of trees when you sign up and invest in sustainable and ethical business.

Reducing your carbon footprint with TICKR

That being said you can improve and balance your carbon footprint with TICKR as well this side, of TICKR is not about investing this is about becoming carbon neutral yourself by contributing to projects

"We select a mix of climate protection projects with trusted methods for measuring how much they reduce greenhouse emissions – you support them via a monthly contribution.

All of the projects you support are accredited to the highest standard by independent accreditors Verified Carbon Standard and Gold Standard."

So this is not money earning this is charity, but it is a nice little way of finding the charities that are suitable and trustworthy.


Overall for me, I am still just about the quick bonus money, getting my £12 and moving on, next year when investing a bit more I may well look at these types of projects, but they have been around a while now they seem trustworthy with good plans behind, them.

If you want to sign up and help us both do so good, you will get £15 bonus withdrawable after 90 days as will I and we can both get some trees planted as well

Let's save the world together.


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