top cashback review

Top Cashback review: an easy way to get some free money passively

Cashback has for a long time been my favourite free money hack. Do some shopping click through a cashback website like Top Cashback or Quidco or oh my dosh and get some free money... easy as that!

But how about a way to make it all even easier, by getting the free money as cashback without even having to go to the cashback website first. In this top cashback review, I will go through exactly how to do just that. This is the beauty of the old browser extension, get cashback alerts when clicking on a site that top cashback offers some cashback for it.

top cashback review

Top cashback review

Well if this whole cashback scene is new to you, then first you will need a top cashback account, all completely free to sign up.

You can sign up here, and start looking for stores that you want to buy from and top cashback will tell you on the site how much cashback is offered.

The cashback can take a while to come and is relying on the site tracking from the cashback site to your purchase, the company then pays Top Cashback who in return pays you.

So for buying things, you would have done anyway, but by going on top cashback first you can top up your income very nicely indeed with no additional expense.

Sign up here

The top cashback review of browser extension

The browser extension is easy to download and is available on chrome, edge and firefox.

Log in to top cashback and on the features tab at the bottom and click on the browser extension which will instantly download.

Then you will notice that either when you search for a store you will see the cashback available at the top of the search result.

Then also when you click on a web page that is covered by top cashback it will show you that cashback is available. Click on the big red button and it will redirect you through a magic cashback link and back to the page that you were already on. Takes literally a few seconds.

At this point then all you need to do is shop as you would do normally and you will get your cashback paid through top cashback.

Some cashback things to remember

With cashback, I normally recommend reading the terms before clicking through, when you go on to a site and the extension pops up at the bottom right it will say about the terms it is important to still click on them and see what could potentially stop you getting cash back, or also sometimes the cashback only relates to certain types of products not all of them.

As always I would say only buy what you would do anyway, never buy for the cashback it can take a long time to come and is never guaranteed.

That being said, keep screenshots email confirmations and receipts and if you don't get it ... claim it with a support ticket. Almost always this rectifies the problem.

Passive income

You probably won't get rich with the top cashback browser extension. But making money for doing exactly what you would do anyway is a pretty good hack.

If you like cash back there are also a lot of great ways that you can earn free cashback. Money just for signing up to companies. Check out all the free cashback offerings. Find all the free cashback offerings here