User Testing

User Testing

User Testing is proving itself to be a very valuable way of making some extra money online.

Essentially it is usability testing of websites or apps, testing websites set up and your opinion of it. Developers want to know that their website works the way it is supposed to.

It can involve a lot of different things from questions about categories to going through a website whilst talking out loud and voice your opinions.

Compared to the other sites there is much more money for your time. Perhaps not as regular but am trying to get into more sites, the important thing with these sites is that you need to be honest and do it properly otherwise they will not want you to continue

Check out the sites I've used below and check out the reviews. Hopefully to add much more to these

  1. Intellizoom - Lots of studies paid between $5-8
  2. Userlytics $10 paid per study
  3. Usercrowd - much smaller studies couple of clicks and get paid $0.2-$1.00
  4. Usertesting - Lots of different studies some really high paying
  5. Validately - no joy with this one
  6. Userbrain - Signed up - and completed qualification test 23/5/21 - tried the qualification test twice now ad still no joy



Intellizoom is a really good user testing website, a variety of tasks such as categorising website items, and testing new website prototypes and importantly thinking aloud while doing so. After signing up takes a while to get accepted but once you do it's well worth the time and worth the wait.

Their studies tend to be quite quick and easy to do I've had one that failed but all the others have been successful and been paid well

Similar to all of the user testing ones you do need to be quick to snap them up

2021 Earnings so far: £152.62 redeemed

Read more here



Well, finally we have another user testing account that we have had some joy with. This time it is 'userlytics', similar to intellizoom in the studies available really.

I found this easy to sign up, and easy to navigate, nothing extraordinary is needed for my equipment or hardware, webcam and mic are obviously needed.

I got my first study quite soon after signing up which was a bit of a bonus as opposed to others.

Their studies seem quite similar to other sites, the two I have done involved navigating shopping / booking websites and talking about my experience as I go.



I liked the studies when got on them, they were quick and easy to do; well paid for the time (about $10 for 5 minutes work), similar to intellizoom in that had to talk through what I was doing as was doing it, bit more comfortable with these now, and no longer does the family think I have gone mad if I slope off into the other room and start nattering away to myself that the font size could have been a bit bigger.

Payment was good, took a couple of weeks for payment to arrive which came in paypal, I think same as other sites they will review your research, so poor responses could lead to potentially not getting the money for your time so go careful.

But so far for myself in my very limited experience, have had no technical concerns at all with any aspect of the site, been quick and responsive and plug ins required have worked well and no issues during the studies either.


My biggest gripe is that there is just not enough of the surveys really, one problem is my schedule doesnt suit to their times of studies so I havent been accepted for most. Similar problem to market research my stupid 9-5 prevents me from earning more.

You also have to be quick, studies dont tend to hang around too long

But to be brutally honest even if I had gotten all of the studies I saw invites for, I still wouldn't have had that many to be honest, so once you counter in the inevitable screenouts. It is unlikely there will be many successful options to be had.


So does this mean that you should save your energy and not sign up?

Hell no it most certainly does not, it may not be my favourite but the pay for these user tests is superb, you get screened out quick so you are unlikely to waste much time. Bascially if you have a computer and browser that will support (sometimes good on chrome, sometimes firefox) then its a must have to put on your list.

Biggest thing is to check your emails regulalry, and then jump on them as soon as you can, the pay for your time is superb! Biggest complaint is I WANT MORE!

If interested sign up here - 
No referral link here, but as you should know I only reccomend what I believe in. All I ask is when your rich you buy me a drink, how will you know its me you ask?, dont worry you will know, good luck!

User crowd

Another user testing site is User crowd, this is another that I haven’t been using for a hugely long time, so my review is not going to be very through, we have more questions than answers, by the end of it. But hopefully some answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet, so that is a bonus!

Anyway, so user crowd, this one is slightly different in the way it works, unlike the others, the tests are very short, just a couple of short questions, like which button looks nicer, which ad to choose, where would you click on if asked to go here and stuff like that.

It was quick and easy to sign up, once again the quality of your performance will determine your future likelihood of surveys so pay attention.


So that is the biggest positive the quick and rapid nature of the studies, you can do them very quickly. Some on browser and some on mobile, I would say most of them on computer.

The pay per study obviously won’t be as good, but they have recently doubled the amount they pay out. Their website says that you get paid about $0.20 a minute my experience is the minute ones is like 3 clicks max so therefore does not take the whole minute.

Another little bonus with user crowd is they will alert you as soon as a study is available, with little notifications if you so choose you may not like this option, but due to the fact again they don’t hang around long, you will want to be told as soon as a new one becomes available.


So, a couple of issues that do let it down a little bit, but again these may be related to my time frames. That I haven’t had a huge number of studies, but once i enabled notifications I got a more.

They don’t last long at all you really do need to be quick with these studies as well.

Also, I was bit annoyed at one I had done recently, it was supposed to be worth $4, I was just into it and started when the doorbell rang, went to go get the Lego parcel before the other half could see baby Yoda, and when I got back, I was kicked out of study, apparently you have to complete in one sitting. There was no notion of this and no option to pause the study. So, I lost out so if you are going to complete make sure you’re not going to be distracted.

The biggest thing I don’t like for this one, and it is just because the others do things differently, is that you have to reach a cash out threshold before you can withdraw. It is only $10 but it has taken me a fair old while just to get to $2.60 so I fear it may take a while to get to this threshold.


So I hear you saying to me, hey money earner person what should I do is it worth it. Well ultimately it is up to you, I feel I am earlier on in my user crowd journey and learning from the errors of my ways. but the studies are very quick, and I mean quick. Get signed up, get them notifications coming in and you’ll see them pop up while you’re browsing the internet hopefully the amazing, and it is another may not make you rich but the time taken is so small for me I think I just have to keep.


Sign up here if interested
Again no referral from me I just know for a fact youll love this one, I can see it in your eyes you want to do it dont you, what you got to lose hay, also look above how funky their logo is ... its so pretty


User testing

This is my latest effort in the User testing world, similar to the others, tests around talking about new apps and websites. All sorts

Ive got big hope for this one, as it appears there are lots of different tests available.

Was easy to sign up to, completed a little test and some basic profile questions took about 2 weeks before was accepted.

Then another 2 weeks to realise what I was doing wrong.

I was getting few emails about test but then when tried to do them it was too late.

So I left the website open a couple of evenings and was probably invited to about  3 a day.

I have completed one test so far, talking about my own kettle and toaster took about 10 minutes and paid about $10 - is still pending so waiting to see how payment works but looking promising


I was really impressed with the user testing feedback and whether this was a one off on the first one or was something they do for all of them we shall see.

But a few days after completing the test I got the following feedback.

It is clear that they pay very close attention to what you are doing and you can't hide anything from them. But the feedback was encouraging and gives me things to make sure I improve next time. Rating 4 stars out of 5. You will want to keep that rating score up in order to get access to as many tests as possible.


Payment is paid exactly 7 days after the successful test via Paypal. Making it a nice regular payment. There are going to be a lot of tests that you are not suitable for and in my opinion the safest thing to do is not engage in them you risk giving poor feedback which in turn will risk your place on the panel.

Looking forward to doing much more on the platform however


User brain

Another Usertesting site that I am trying out, read some good reviews online so thought I would give it a shot, the signup process was really quick and easy.


So far done the qualification test that was just talking through a website and talking about its features, took about 5 minutes just awaiting to see if successful.

Works through google chrome extension or IOS app as well


Signed up on 03/07/20 completed the online test was a simple little thing but didn’t work the first time so had to redo awaiting verification of it took only a couple of minutes browser extension needs to be uploaded need chrome cam and mic

27/09/20 - still nothing maybe i failed i think its time to try again



I would still give it a go .... you might have more luck