Valentines day deals 2021

Valentine's day deals 2021

Now I am not the biggest fan of valentines day at all, I genuinely could not think of a worse day to celebrate, than a massively commercialised day sponsored by hallmark. But also I am very very scared of my girlfriend, and each year after my complete and utter failure for valentines day, she gets grumpy and doesn't talk to me for a while, so this year I have made the effort. (a little)

Hopefully, we have done better than the disastrous 2019 valentines day, where I bought a rather nice cuddly hedgehog, from the charity friends shop at the hospital, and a beautiful plant. This has gone down as a crap toy and dead plant year. Then last year I bought a very nice romantic card, that I forgot to write and left on top of the fridge still in its card factory bag, I did, however, pay for dinner and got us a takeaway, this apparently does not count. So 2021 will not disappoint, and not only because this year I can't escape the onslaught of disappointment and glaring eyes (mainly this one), but also because .... no its literally because I'm scared, this holiday will always be a waste of time and money to me but fuck it what else can I do.

So with that in mind, I thought I would share some offers with you so that if you do have to buy anything for valentines day, then at least you can save some money and maybe make some money in the process.


1) Quidco - £15 extra cashback at the valentines hub

Get your presents through Quidco and if you buy 3 products from retailers on their valentines hub you get £15

Earn a £10 Boost Reward when you make two purchases from the Valentines Day hub and an additional £5 if you make a third purchase.

And well they have got a tonne of offers:


2% cashback on m and s flowers (which is where I bought mine

Cashback from blossoming and Appleyard flowers

Cashback from Godiva 4.8%, Etsy 1.6% cashback, Beaverbrook 8% Giorgio Armani 3% and loads more

But hurry offer ends 8th February

Which with the delay of the postage you probably want to order from quite sharpish

Valentine's hub is here if you haven't yet signed up to Quidco sign up here and get an extra £5 as well that will almost pay for your gifts, and you never need to let the other half know

2) Top cashback

It doesn't have the valentines day hub to earn an extra £15 but it still has got lots of cashback deals, check them out as well and see if any of them take your fancy, if new to moon pig, for example, you can get 8% cashback, can also get 20% off flowers from blossoming.

If you are going to buy anything at all for valentines day check out top cashback its just the rules.

Sign up here if you haven't got top cashback and get £5 when you sign up and earn £10 worth of cashback

3) Free cheques - saw this on money saving expert a rather novel idea and total cheapskate idea (that is why I like it) - print out some valentines day cheques and pledge to do something for your partner. I might pledge to buy a real present, as I don't think this would go down well, also I will have the awkwardness of printing them off at work without anyone noticing. (no printer myself: cheapskate)

4) The card - Important is the card not only so you have got something to put in those lovely not in any way lazy cheques that you printed, and hope the second copy didn't go in with the documents your manager picked up just before you printed yours:- I got my card from where I always get my card MOONPIG, right now if you use the moonpig app and use code APP40MPCA you can get 40% off that card with that lovely heartfelt message

5) Funky pigeon, also has a similar but not quite as good offer through voucher codes where you can get 30% OFF personalised cards for your loved one

Check out voucher codes for any offers if your going to buy anything they've got money off flowers and present and everything, before you buy definitely check them out to make sure you have got the best deal

Next with the best way to your partner's heart or at least mine food:


1) TAKEAWAY £10 OFF If you don't have an uber eats account yet, sign up with this link and get £10 off your meal, you can't go out anywhere so you had may as well get a takeaway in there is no excuse. use this code for £10 eats-o3rxq0

2) If you can find one that's open pick up a free coffee, get 300 points for signing up to the app worth £3 and put it towards your partner's favourite drink. sign up here


Now this may be an unusual one, but you know what you both want money, so why not help each other out with these really quick offers and top up both your bank balances.

1) Cash app get £5 each, so for this one, it is really easy and no risk at all, cash app is this really cool app where you can send money to your friends, really quickly just link your bank card to it. Once you send £50 to somebody you get £5, and who better to do this with than the person you trust the most. So sign up then once you have sent £50 to another account you will get your £5 if you refer your partner at the same time, then once you've sent then £50 they can send you it straight back and then they will get £5 as well withdraw it instantly back into your own accounts. (Me and my girlfriend did this, this week sending £5 back and forth ten times, and made £10 EASY MONEY

So hopefully this will make this week slightly less painful and if you have any questions let me know, or send me one of those free cheques from money saving expert and offer yourself up to me, it is up to you.

If you are not fortunate enough to be with someone this year, then first good for you, you can spend money on yourself, second, don't let it get you down when all this madness is over there is room for everyone to find someone, if my partner can stay with me for 7 years then there is hope for us all.