Win money daily with Free Jackpot

Win daily free money with Free Jackpot and earn cashback

Free jackpot is an excellent way of earning some free gift cards. Each day you can collect tickets by completing very simple tasks. Then each day you may win some money on the daily lottery. As well as chances each month to win the mega jackpot.


In a couple of months, I have redeemed £20 worth of vouchers and am currently sitting on a £17 balance. Not bad for clicking a couple of buttons each day.

What is FreeJackpot?

Free jackpot is a free lottery game with daily draws and a massive monthly draw. You get tickets by completing tasks.

You can also earn tickets and cashback by shopping at a whole range of their linked stores, or by buying gift cards directly from them where you can get 1% cashback on them as well.

How to earn tickets

There are so many ways to earn some free tickets for the draws.



For this one I just click on games and then leave them in the background, collecting 100 tickets each day. This is how I have got most of my tickets.

Daily spin

You get 15 daily free spins, where you can either win 1-3 tickets or £0.01 - £0.03 doesn't sound a lot but it all adds up

Daily lotto game

You can also play the free lotto game each day, 15 spins of the lotto balls each day. Choose 6 numbers and then you can win between £1,000 - 1 ticket depending on how many balls you get.


Watching videos

You can get another 100 tickets by watching videos, again just pop these in the background if you wish.

Buying gift cards on Free jackpot

By buying gift cards you can get 1% cashback on these purchases as well as getting some free tickets for the prize draws.


You can also get cashback for more vouchers and some free tickets by clicking through one of their shopping links and making purchases

Refer friends for more tickets with Free jackpot referral

Invite your friends and you can get some more tickets, I have set my referral link to get 5 tickets each but you can change it on the slider when you generate your own link

Browser extension

Lastly, you can also get further free tickets by downloading their browser extension on chrome or safari for a further 50 free jackpot tickets.

The prizes

The more tickets the more your chance of winning in the daily £250 prize draw. I was lucky this month to get a £10 win on one day, some days nothing, some days £1 and some 20 pence. Haven't got the big one yet but we shall see.


I haven't won anything in the monthly draw yet, and you cannot really see what the prize structure is.

What can you redeem for on free jackpot

There are a whole host of gift cards to redeem for on Free Jackpot, the cheapest being £10 but so many choices to choose from, including Love 2 shop vouchers which can be used at loads of retailers

The conclusion is Free jackpot worth it?

Certainly, the time to get these tickets is minimal, you can grind for longer and harder to get more if you so wish.

But even by just getting a few tickets each day by leaving the games on in the background for a minimal time each day. I have accrued a decent voucher balance.

I would always redeem once you get to £10 as you never know how long these sites will hang around.

But I had no problem redeeming my first two vouchers.

If you want to sign up  - sign up here and get earning them free tickets.