YouGov is a fantastic survey website that rewards well for the time taken, the surveys tend to be around current affairs and politics, so they tend to be quite interesting and always relevant as opposed to talking endlessly about which digestive biscuit you dunk.

`Yougov offers a lot more than surveys though it is very informative, pollsters who keep track of approval ratings, what is considered important to people, the news etc, a lot of other stuff that is important, but I have a one-track mind and that is earning money, which Yougov has been one of my favourites for a long time.

Surveys tend to pay 25p - £1.00 depending on the time taken, they always tend to take less than the time advertised so are very worthwhile doing.

The only problem is there is not a tonne of them, they can be quite sporadic, so it can take quite a while for the surveys to build up.

Slight other downside is that the payout is high £50 needed to get to redemption level, you can redeem for cash however which is rather nice, its paid by bank transfer and goes in within a week of redemption.

I thought I would breakdown month by month how much I have earnt from surveys.


January 2020: £2.05

February 2020:£1.60

March 2020: £1.70

April 2020: £1.10

May 2020: £1.60

June 2020: £1.70

July 2020: £2.00

August 2020: £1.60

September 2020: £3.20

October 2020: £3.30

November 2020: £2.20

December 2020: £1.55

So a total not so whopping £23.60 - but same as the article posted about pure profile for the time taking its very worth it, It builds up slowly and gradually. I've heard others earning lots more. I don't think I was getting many surveys, or I was being slack as they were on a different email.

Another slow burner but I would say worth it for the time that it takes

Money earning tip:

Also if you are lucky enough to have someone else at home, get them to sign up as well, these surveys will not take all the time in the world and are sporadic so why not be a nice supporting spouse and complete your other halves for them as well, be a nice little surprise when money goes into their account. (I've had no issue with using two separate accounts from same address, on different devices)

If want to sign up and give it a crack sign up here

If you sign up and complete 6 surveys I get some points, but equally tell your friends, get them to sign up with your link and it will boost your total up easily.

YouGov - has always been a big favourite of mine, you can earn through surveys their daily polls and now YouGov safe which is a chrome extension that you can earn points on by sharing your streaming data.

Right now you can earn a decent amount of money-sharing.

Chrome history data
Apple tv+
Youtube (worked finally) (can be a free account)
Disney plus
Spotify (can be a free account)

Their surveys are quite few and far between as you will see, but they are good value when you do get them.

Their referral bonus is cracking as well, if someone signs up with your link and completes 6 surveys you get 200 points or £2