zilch cashback

5% Cashback at Amazon and so many others with Zilch

It is not often anywhere that Amazon offers cashback with anyone but with Zilch they are offering 5% at the moment. As well as that you can also get £10 free spending money for signing up. But it is not just amazon you can get 5% cashback on a whole host of stores.

Sign up to Zilch and get £10 free spending money

So first of all here is how to do the deal

  • Sign up with a link - or use code -RzPnf5
  • Provide your real details name address etc
  • Verify ID and add a bank card.
  • Get your points and access to your zilch card (need these details when paying on the merchant site)
  • Search through zilch the shop that you are going to shop on (E.g. Amazon)
  • Ensure the toggle is clicked so that when you purchase it will use your reward points
  • Then go to the shop through the zilch link
  • Then when you pay use your ZILCH card details and you won't have spent a single penny. (I just bought myself an Amazon voucher)
  • Easy peasy free stuff. Now tell your friends and get 1000 points for each friend that signs up (£10)

What is zilch?

Zilch is a buy now pay later app, where you can spread the cost of the things you buy over 4 equal payments, not the sort of thing I like, to be honest with you as I think it only leads to people getting into serious financial difficulties, by not covering the money in their account for what they have bought and thus debt. The four payments appear to be fortnightly as well, so not a massive benefit to having it to be honest.

But you can choose to pay it off in full just as you would do normally. So it will be linked with your card go straight away out of the card you use, just you will use the zilch card instead.


This is very good at the moment, if you choose to pay the amount off in full at the stores listed on the zilch app, you will get a whopping 5% cashback, in zilch rewards that you can then take off the next payment.

I got some cashback on amazon that was paid into my zilch account as soon as the order was confirmed on amazon.

Just find the store, enable the card and shop with the Zilch card. Really is a doddle

As well as amazon, they also include ebay, tesco, morrisons, uber eats ... loads more it is certainly worth a look.

Warning about zilch anywhere

So as well within the Zilch app you can enable zilch anywhere effectively using your zilch card to shop wherever you like and although this sounds tempting. They do say that some stores that are not affiliated with them. You will be charged a £2.50 fee for shopping. For me on money earning terms not worth the risk. But for buying through the zilch app on the stores advertised I am there.


If interested in signing up sign up here with my link it will mean that I get £10 rewards if you sign up. You can then also tell your friends with your own code and get £10 for you.

All for free and very easy to set up. I get the impression the 5% cashback won't be around forever, but while it is I am going to milk it!