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Zilch sign up offer

Zilch sign up offer

zilch sign up offer

Zilch works in one of two ways, you can either spend with your Zilch card and get cashback for doing so, you can also use them asa buy now pay later service. 

This can be a nice little way to earn extra money through the cashback. But always worth looking around as it may be that you could get more from elsewhere. 

Also would say Zilch has had its issues particularly when there has been refunds with orders, and has meant rewards have been missed. 

But there is a real quick easy way through a Zilch sign up offer that you can get £5 free (I bought a Amazon gift card with mine)

How does Zilch work?

When you sign up with Zilch you will link to a debit card of your choosing, then you will have a zilch card with its own details that if you purchase with, will be debited from your debit card. That is unless you have zilch rewards – so by signing up you will get £5 free sign up bonus. Then following the steps below you can pay with your zilch card which will only take money from the balance on your rewards. 

The Zilch sign up offer

How to sign up and get your free money and convert it to an amazon voucher.

  1. Sign up using the link.
  2. Verify your ID, confirm email and add a debit card.
  3. Receive 500 points in your wallet.
  4. Click on the “enable”  button (this is important) on the Amazon store
  5. Buy a £5 gift card from Amazon using your Zilch card (it’ll be free as it’ll use your 500 reward points).
  6. Then you will have your own sign up referral link so tell your friends and get even more rewards. 

Sign up to Zilch

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