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Hello and welcome, my name is Jonny AKA “The Money Earner” For the past 10 years I have been on a mission to improve my financial situation. 

Here I share all my best money earning opportunities and tips on how to manage and grow your money.

The Journey I have been on is a long one, this year 2023 I got the keys to my own house, 6 years ago that was a pipe dream, I was struggling to make ends meet with over £10,000 worth of debt, hard work and graft has turned that around and all the things I share on this website.

I am here to share ways, to make money, save what you have, budget better and build a better financial future. No financial advice but sharing what I am doing.

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Free Money

There are always lots of ways to make some extra money through sign up offers and referral, see what is on offer at the moment to see if you can get any free money.

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It is possible to earn thousands of pounds from sign up offers and referral offers. They are a great way of getting started with some extra money.

Earn extra money

There are so many great ways to earn extra money online, just need to find out what works for you. Earn extra money online
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Side hustles: Lego investing

One way I am growing my money is through investing that money, some of which is in Lego. Yes Lego, an asset that appreciates superbly and can be turned round in 1-2 years to double your money.

Check out my Lego investing journey, as well as all my guides for the sets to keep a look out for.

Check out the Lego database for all the information you need for making sound Lego investments, Check the release and expiry dates of all sets, cross referenced against different sources, with their average 180 day sales rank updated regularly. Easy to search when out and about or at home, you will want to bookmark this page and add it to them home screen of your mobile phone. 

Lego database

The Lego database is here 

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