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Cake Defi has increased their bonus to a massive $50 of free DFI

The Cake Defi bonus has been one of the best ones out there for a while, and it has now just got even better for new customers and for referrals


Enter. code 919426 to get the bonus

Simple to do 

Sign up deposit of $50 of any crypto (do a bit more to ensure price fluctuations and fees don't dip it below
verify details
Get bonus hold for 6 months
Withdraw your deposit straight back

This is seriously easy money
Any questions let me know

For full instructions read here

Fancy making some money by transferring money to YOURSELF

Follow my step by step guide to do just that

My top 3 money earning methods



Check out the survey page, for details and reviews of over 15 survey platforms all tried and tested by myself.

Earn £100's a year through these sites- More here

User testing

My best bang for your buck method is user testing Get paid for testing websites or apps on various platforms. The payments are superb and the work is quick! Easily make £500 - £1000 a year
More here


Almost passive this one as well, we all buy stuff all the time we may as well get paid for it.
Check out my cashback page for ways to earn with no spend as well
Oh my dosh free cashback
Cashback page

The MoneyEarner

Welcome to the money earner, for the last few years I have been earning money online in many various ways, I have tried and tested many sites and continue to do so.

With reviews of the sites I use, the good and the bad. Covering everything including surveys, cashback sites, user testing, market research, cryptocurrency offers and earning opportunities, free sign-ups and free offers. Plus much much more...

Check out more money earning methods below as well as the latest articles and offers available

Make sure to check out the sign-up page which can be an excellent starter to earn some extra money.

If you have any questions then let me know
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A quick note about affiliate links:, some of the articles may contain affiliate links, which will mean if you click through and sign up through one of my links, the money earner may receive a commission. The money earner will never recommend a site or app purely for the commission, we pride ourselves on giving honest appraisals of all of the offers that we mention on this site.


Check out my guide to earn some free cashback with oh my dosh here - Loads of ways to get free money without spending a penny, follow my step by step instructions

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Doctor who: worlds apart game 05/07/21

A new NFT based card game in the same ilk of hearthstone and magic the gathering, but with all your favourite time lords and aliens

Not released yet, but in the meantime...
Log in every day and get 10 'pandaks' or 10 cents, after 50 days you'll be able to claim your own free pack.

The full game is due to be released in Q4 of 2021
Sign up now and get a leg up on the opposition.
Read full article here and check out more crypto games to earn from

Top deals

Tide banking £100

Get £100 if you sign up to TIDE banking.

Get a new business account with TIDE banking, deposit £50 and enter code HUKD100
In a few weeks you will get £100 into your account

Can be a Ltd company or as a sole trader.

Really easy to set up get verified within a couple of minutes.
Sign up here


Really easy offer this one, get some free crypto that has been on the up recently.

All you have to do is sign up verify your ID, transfer $50 worth of crypto (make sure it is all in one transaction) and you will be reward DFI $30 worth that you will need to keep in the platform for 6 months. In that 6 months it will be returning a very handosme return as well.

Fees for transferring will apply - I recommend
dash fast and cheap to transfer
Sign up here

Another cashback site Widilo Get £5 free for signing up  10/06/2021

But do we really need another cashback site, I think sites like widilo and my money pocket need to offer something better than the other two or different to stand out. Otherwise why bother.

So let's see if widilo does.

First impression

To be honest when I first clicked on it, it appeared a bit cheap and tacky, just my personal opinion but I have no sense of style at all.

Read more here and see how widilo compares


The Money earning methods

Market Research


Earn big from doing bigger market research studies in person or from the comfort of own home

Sign up to as many market research sites, and apply for anything that is suitable that you are able to do. This is a great way of making lots of money, these studies regularly pay upwards of £100

Click here for all the sites I use and review of my experiences



Similar to surveys and user testing, but slightly different these are sites that, you can do regular work at times that suit you, they can pay a decent amount of money.


Some are better than others so make sure to check out the microwork page and check out my reviews.

Full list of websites and apps I have reviewed can be found here


Crypto currency

I am a firm believer that crypto currency is the future of money. So many advantages so much possibility, the fact the currency is mine to control in my own wallet, that I can do what I want with is massive

There are so many great ways of making money with crypto currency, with learn and earn schemes, faucets, sign up offers, So many untapped avenues.

I have shared, all my ways of making some extra money, will update with the offers, and will always do the offer myself, so you know it is legit and can be turned into real cash.


Click here for more crypto offers

Sign up offers

Earn hundreds of pounds from these sign up offers.

There are so many offers that you can get free money from if you follow instructions, some require a deposit but follow my step by step guides, learn from my experience and maximise your return

Check out the definitive list of all these sign up offers that can you earn ALOT OF MONEY!!!


Pynk update April 2021: $144 is nearly MINE

Pynk investor wallet is coming soon so if you had any wisdom points then you soon could be in for a nice tidy payout.

I have been using Pynk's beta site for a while now, doing daily predictions of bitcoin, gold, nasdaq, ftse and USD to gbp. takes couple of minutes each day, and is a nice fun little game to see how good your predictions are.
Read more here

Panelbase: A review and how I got £54.18 so far in 2021 - Sign up and start with £3

Panel base I would say is in my top three survey companies personally.

It has a lot to offer, some fantastic extra opportunities a good rate of pay and easy to withdraw and provides reliable payments.

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Read more here

Intellizoom review; £120.96 in 6 months

Its tests are quick and easy to complete, I get rewarded well for my time and get paid directly into my Paypal account. I have had no issues with missing payments. It has all just been brilliant and this year in 2021 I have earnt so far....£120.96
Read full review here
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No referral here for me I just want you to be happy, look that little monster in the eye and say I am coming for your money