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Welcome to The money earner, highlighting all the best ways to earn extra money online and from home. Find out more about me and my goals here

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Earn money online
Surveys, market research, user testing


Surveys are a great way to earn some extra money online, check out reviews for all the sites I use and the ones to avoid.

Can earn money in your spare time at a time to suit you, some sites pay really well, in cash or Amazon vouchers. I like surveys personally as some I can complete whilst half paying attention in the evenings. And is the most reliable way for extra money each day, although not the highest paid

Check out the ultimate guide to surveys for all the tips that you need to earn money online from surveys



Cashback has to be one of the easiest ways to earn extra money online, just from buying what you would do anyway. With top sites like Topcashback and Quidco you can do exactly that.

There are a few rules to follow for cashback which I have written about to ensure you maximise your earnings.

Also keep a look out for the other deals that are available, this year I changed my energy company to octopus and got £50 cashback by signing up through a link i found.

There is also the great opportunities available by earning free money by not spending a penny. Oh my dosh is a great one for this with loads of great free and profitable offers but there are others too check out the free cashback page for more


User Testing

User testing is another great way of earning extra money. You can get paid for studies where you test out websites and apps. Normally by answering some questions whilst voice being recorded.

There are 2 top sites that I use for User testing, and comfortably earn over £50 a month from a couple of quick studies.

Better than surveys as are quicker and better pay however there is just not many of them.

The most important thing is getting started in the platforms. Check out the user testing page for how I started.


Market research

Market research is a great way to earn some serious extra money. Since covid it has become even easier. Before you used to have lots of focus groups which you would have to travel to and complete. Great if you lived in big city, not so great if you didn't.

But as with most things now it is all online and you can get invited for video calls or communities. Trying out new innovative products or talking about designs, on a whole host of different subjects.

The pay for these can be really good, and great value for your time. I have been paid over £100 for an hours worth of work.

Tricks of the trade are to sign up to the right websites and knowing where to look. My market research page highlights the pages that I use. Maximise your earnings as well by following my 'rules to market research'


Cryptocurrency offers

Another one of my money earning methods is through the exciting world of cryptocurrency.

Sign up offers

There are a lot of great sign up deals, where you can earn some free crypto through sign up and deposit offers, done right these are always profitable, or a great way of topping up your crypto balance.

Crypto is a big part of my investment strategy as well, it is a volatile asset, but my firm belief that over time it will go up. never offering financial advise more just sharing what I am doing.

Earn crypto from blogging

Since starting this site, I have also shared my ramblings and writings on different crypto platforms and have managed to earn a decent amount of crypto by sharing my work on the various sites, Leo finance, publish ox and read.cash.

Learn and earn

You can also earn crypto from just learning about it and watching some videos and answering questions, an excellent quick way to boost your portfolio with some great rewards. Coinbase, earnathon, coinmarketcap is where the best ones are at. I will add all my learn and earn answers as I find them.


Lego Investing

In 2021, my journey to hunting for new and easy ways to make some extra money have explored lots of ideas. The one that caught my attention in January 2021 was Lego. Investing in Lego, a way that reportedly I could double my money within a couple of years with minimal work. 

This sounds too good to be true, and the journey is only slow moving at the moment as the first year is.

But the basic principles are that; all Lego retires normally between 12 -24 months. But all eventually. Lego is popular and often collectable particularly certain themes. Then when the supply is below the demand for the Lego sets. The price goes up.

Buying discounted Lego is the first rule to start and you can often get between 20-50% off Lego. Once retires the sets increase in value and you can sell on Amazon or eBay and make a pretty profit after the fees.

Follow my journey in my blog to see how I am getting on and learn from my mistakes as I delve in to the world of investing in children's toys.