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20 cogs closing down, what do you need to do?

20 cogs closing down, here is what you need to know


A website that was once a great way of earning some free money, but had its drawbacks was 20 cogs. Now 20 cogs is closing down.

20 cogs closing down


The problem with 20 cogs was you had to complete all 20 offers, so there are likely lots of people halfway through this journey or more.


It is time to get a wriggle on if you want your cash out and your hard-earned pay cheque.


When is 20 cogs closing down?


20 cogs is closing down on the 30th of July. So if I was halfway through and was wanting to complete I would be doing so before the end of June as it normally takes 30 days for the cog to turn green


Is it worth completing?

Guess that depends where you’re at, if you are early stages then I probably wouldn’t, but you may be very close to getting your reward. If anything like when I completed it you will have spent some money. I made a £60 profit when I did 20 cogs, but my spend was about £40 and £100 cash out. So I would really not have been happy to waste that money


What next?


Well they say they are starting a brand new adventure, but what this means I am not wholly sure, guess we will have to wait and see


What sites are like 20 cogs?


If you liked 20 cogs then Oh my dosh is where to go. Similar types of offers on oh my dosh, but the advantage is some earnings are ‘lighting payouts’ so you get them very quickly. But there is just a £10 limit to cash out which is easily attainable. Plus they have a tonne of free cashback offerings.





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