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Here you can find all of the latest Free money sign up offers and referrals
These are a great way of making some extra money, just by signing up to new sites and services. New and existing companies, will often reward new customers for signing up, and taking advantage of these can be very lucrative. To earn even more with many of these offers you can tell your friends and get referral rewards for signing them up as well.

Many of these links will be my own affiliate links but it won’t change how much you earn will always post any better offers that don’t require my own link if known!

All of these offers will be ones that i have tried and tested myself, with simple easy methods to follow.

Get free £5 Cash with Cash App

1) Click the link to download cash app – Download link

2) Enter mobile number and enter referral code if not automatically added – BCWRHCK

3) Once signed up link your debit card no charge is applied at all

4) Then send £5 to a friend of your choosing, (happy to help people out and send the money straight back)

5) Once payment is sent and received £5 will be added to your balance

6) You can then withdraw this to your bank account instantly

7) Tell your friends and get £5 for each person that signs up with your own link

Get £5 free with a new Monzo bank account

  1. Click the link  and enter your phone number. Referral link here
  2. Download the app, sign up and verify, and apply for an account can be the basic free account
  3. Top up account (can be as little as £1)
  4. Make a small purchase using your Monzo card when it arrives Again can be as little as £1 I know many who have just topped up their amazon account 
  5. Instantly receive your £5 bonus in your account
  6. Tell your friends and earn £5 for each friend that signs up as well simple as that.

Transfer a pension with profile pensions and get £50 free

This offer used to be a lot better, used to be able to just set up a direct debit for £50 and then you would get £50 free, but now you need to either transfer a pension worth at least £1,000 or pay in a £1,000

Sign up steps:

  1. Sign up with a referral link & enter your email address
  2. Set up your account from the link sent to your email.
  3. Transfer a pension of £1,000 or more or set up a one-off pension contribution or set up regular pension contributions, again totalling £1,000+.

Sign up to snoop connect a bank for 28 days and get £5 amazon voucher

  1. Download the app here
  2. Link one bank account and leave it linked for 28 days
  3. Receive a free £5 amazon voucher by email

Spend £5 on Zilch contactless and get £5 cashback to spend

  1. Download the Zilch app using referral link
  2. Enter details and confirm email address
  3. Add a debit card.
  4. Add your virtual Zilch card to your mobile wallet works on google or apple pay
  5. Make a £5+ payment in a shop using contactless
  6. Receive 500 bonus points (worth £5) in your account.

Get £5 free money using TWIG to sell unwanted goods

1) Click on the sign up link

2) Download the Twig app and use the invite link provided mine is “justjonny”

3) Verify your identity with a picture of driving licensce or pass port

4) Once verified you will get the referral bonus of £2

5) Send in a product to sell to twig (Add your item get a price and send it in) Once completed a cash out Get £3 free.

6) Withdraw to preferred payment method

Get £10 free when sign up with Top Cashback and get £10 payable cashback

  1. Sign up with referral link on top cashback
  2. Complete cashback offers and have £10 payable cashback
  3. Get £10 sign up bonus in addition (terms)

Get £5 free with Curve by signing up and making 5 purchases of £5+

  1. Sign up to curve with referral link
  2. Sign up download the app
  3. Make 5 purchases of £5 + in the first 10 days
  4. Get £5 free curve cash to spend

Get £75 free with Tide business bank account

  1. Click link for tide partner link
  2. Should see the banner to say the code has already been applied
  3. If given option to enter code FREE75
  4. Register with business account
  5. You will get £75 free in account later

Get £5 free cashback with Quidco

  1. Sign up to quidco with referral link
  2. When you get £5 worth of payable cashback
  3. You will get an extra £5 free

Get a free share worth up to £100 with Trading 212

1. Sign up to Trading 212 with


3. Deposit minimum of £1 in to account

4. Within a couple of days the free share will be credited.

5. Then you can either sell the share or hold it

6. After 30 days you will able to withdraw your funds.

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