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Get £5 in minutes with cash app referral offer

Get £5 in minutes with Cash app referral offer

The cash app referral offer is an incredibly quick offer to complete and can earn you a free £5 in minutes. In a couple of really simple steps

Cash app is an easy way to send money to friends in a really quick and convenient manner, that goes through instantly.

You can download it on the App store or google play and all you need is a debit card to use.

How to claim the £5 free cash app referral offer

1) Click the link to download cash app – Download link

2) Enter mobile number and enter referral code if not automatically added – BCWRHCK

3) Once signed up link your debit card no charge is applied at all

4) Then send £5 to a friend of your choosing, (happy to help people out and send the money straight back)

5) Once payment is sent and received £5 will be added to your balance

6) You can then withdraw this to your bank account instantly

7) Tell your friends and get £5 for each person that signs up with your own link

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