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Earn money and passive income with cashback.


One of the ways I have boosted my income is through cashback. You have probably earned cashback in one form or another, whether it be through a cashback website or cashback for new energy or tv deal. Utilised correctly you can make sure that every time you spend you can earn cashback on your purchase. Making a very nice little income from it.

There are lots of different ways that cashback can be earned:

– Cashback websites

– Cashback browser extensions

– Cashback on free sign up offers

– Cashback on profitable signup offers

– Cashback debit cards

– Cashback credit cards

Cashback websites

These sites have been around for some time and are really easy to do, basically, you get paid the advertised percentage when you go to the cashback website first and click through to the site from that link.

The tracking link tracks your purchases and rewards you by paying you into your cashback account.

There are many sites but two of the most well known are Topcashback and Quidco.

Always say never to rely on the cashback, it can take quite a while to be paid and the terms and conditions are important to read to ensure you don’t miss out.


Cashback browser extensions

Very similar to the cashback website, but makes it just that little bit easier, you can download a browser extension and then when you go on to a site that offers cashback it will tell you and you can activate any offers. This saves searching through cashback sites to find the shop you already know you are shopping on

However, I have found that having more than one extension is very annoying when pouch, honey and top cashback all come up and pop up all over the place.

So I choose just the one to have on my account. My go-to is the top cashback browser extension – check out my review here

Cashback on free sign up offers

These are my favourite cashback offerings where you don’t have to actually spend anything at all. You can get ‘cashback’ for an array of free sign up offers.

These are available on top cashback and quid co. But the best place for these offers is Oh my dosh, where you can earn quite a decent amount of money from free cashback offers alone.

oh my dosh cashback

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Cashback on profitable signup offers

As well as free cashback offers you can also earn with profitable offers, a bit warier with these offers as cashback is never guaranteed. But I have made some decent money where they pay more than the actual cost. Often this is the case with gambling offers. Oh my dosh is a great source for these. Make sure you read the terms and conditions to ensure you comply and get the cashback.

The best place for profitable cashback is 20cogs, where if you complete all 20 offers and remember to cancel all the free trials, which are normally quite easy to do. Then you will get quite a decent amount of profit. The annoyance is you have to make sure you complete all 20. Check out my own experience with 20 cogs

Cashback debit cards

This is a great way of making some extra money, by getting cashback on all of your purchases (or most of them) without having to do everything. Currently, I use chase which gives you 1% on debit card transactions.


Cashback credit cards

Same as debit cards, get cashback for the purchases you make on your credit card. I really don’t want to convince people to get credit cards when can’t afford to repay. So remember only use it if you can pay the whole balance. For me every time I spend on a credit card. I instantly move money from my bank account to an instant saver to ensure that I have the money on the due date to pay it all off.

I myself am using the American Express platinum card. No fees and some free cashback quite high 5% for the first 3 months.

Using a combination of these methods and doing it in a disciplined way you can really boost your income.

Only spend and buy what you would do anyway, there is no point buying something for the cashback, just make sure you take advantage of what you do buy.



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