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Top methods for earning extra money online

The MoneyEarners top ways of earning extra money online.

I am always on the hunt for other ways to make money online or from home. There are so many opportunities for earning extra money in your spare time. For the last few years, I have consistently been making thousands of pounds extra a year and aim to improve that year on year. Check out my 2022 earnings to see how I did just that.


There are lots of different ways I use to make extra money online, each has its positive and negative sides, but finding what works for you to bring in some extra money in the home. Is a fantastic way of clearing that debt, treating your family to the holiday you deserve or using that extra money to save and invest so that you can leave the rat race just that little bit sooner.



Surveys are one of the easiest and most popular ways of making extra money online. Companies are prepared to pay for your opinions on all matter of subjects and will pay for those opinions. There are lots of fantastic advantages to surveys, you can do them pretty much anywhere on your phone (Qmee, Curious cat and attapoll) and are great to do whilst multi-tasking at home as can get away with doing them quite mindlessly.

A lot of survey providers don’t offer a great rate of pay, but there are some that are very worthwhile doing. (Ylive, Lifepoints and Panelbase being my faves)

Many pay in cash or amazon vouchers and often their withdrawal is very minimal.

Some surveys can take literal seconds and others 20-30 minutes so make sure the reward they are offering is worth your time.

There are however some negatives to surveys, they can be time-consuming and don’t have a great rate of pay, but if you pick the best sites you will be rewarded. Also, need to be careful of the screen outs which is where you the survey bumps you off without getting rewarded, normally down to attention checks but sometimes on the less favourable sites way too often.

Surveys are not a side hustle for everyone, but anyone can do it. My advice is to focus on the best sites. Prolific, Ylive, Lifepoints and Panelbase.

User testing more money for your time

User testing is another great way of earning extra money. You can get paid for studies where you test out websites and apps. Normally by answering some questions whilst voice being recorded.

There are 2 top sites that I use for User testing (usertesting and intellizoom) I have tried others but with not much success but with these 2 I can comfortably earn over £50 a month from some short studies.

Better than surveys as are quicker and better rate of pay.

The most important thing is getting started in the platforms. Check out the user testing page for how I started.

Downside is there is often not an abundance of user testing opportunities but very worth your time in doing them for some extra money.

Market research

Market research is a great way to earn some serious extra money. Since covid it has become even easier. Before you used to have lots of focus groups which you would have to travel to and complete. Great if you lived in big city, not so great if you didn’t.

But as with most things now it is all online and you can get invited for video calls or online communities. Trying out new innovative products or talking about designs, on a whole host of different subjects.

The pay for these can be really good, and great value for your time. I have been paid over £100 for an hours worth of work on multiple times

Tricks of the trade are to sign up to the right websites and knowing where to look. My market research page highlights the pages that I use. Maximise your earnings as well by following my ‘rules to market research’

Get paid for playing mobile games

earn money from games

This is something I have just recently started in 2022, something have seen around for a while and ever really delved into it. But seeing some very good offers recently on inbox pounds thought would take the plunge.

See more full results and more tips for earning by playing mobile games here

Mixed results but overall great!
Mafia city £100 earned – £7 spent
Club vegas £45 earned – £0 spent
Family Island £40 earned – £0 spent
State of survival £0 earned – £15 spent (this one hurt)

They are notoriously hard to complete some times but if you enjoy games I would give these a go, the best advice would be to do some research to see if others have achieved which will often have many great tips Reddit is a gold mine of information.

They are a great way of earning if you enjoy these sort of games and can do them whilst doing other things, my best luck have been with the ‘city builder’ games that can do off and on.

Taking pictures of receipts

This is not going to make you rich but every little helps. Instead of throwing away your receipts at the end of the shopping trip. Spend a few seconds taking a picture of them to get few pennies that will all add up.

The best of this is Amazon shopper panel which will give you a £5 amazon voucher each month for just 10 receipts.

There are others shoppix, huyu, storewards that I use but surveys are worth about 5 p each – if it fits in with your schedule keeping hold of your receipts can add up to a few extra pounds each year.

Free cashback

Cashback is a great hack for making some more money on the things you buy anyway, but one of the best ways to make some extra money is with free cashback offers.

These are the offers that you don’t have to spend anything at all on and you will get paid.

Some are just sign up offers, others are free trials so you need to be wary to make sure that you cancel.

But keep a lookout as I will always post what you need to do in order to get the cashback.

One of the best sites for this is Oh my dosh, but you can also find such deals on TopCashback and Quidco.

Check out how I earned a really easy £17 using free cashback offers with Oh my Dosh

Profitable cashback

Free cashback is good but more rare, however there are also plenty of cashback deals which fall into the profitable category. These are the offers that give you more back than you spend on them. Often the case with betting and gambling sign ups but other cashback deals as well.

It is more important with these deals to observe the rules and pay attentions as it is easy to slip and not get paid. Equally I would more often go with the trusted cashback providers that I know have good support functions.

Oh my dosh, TopCashback and Quidco. But there are others I would consider.

Sign up offers

Another way I like to earn extra money is through the introductory sign up offers and their referral programs.

When new services come out, they are often trying to build up their user base and a great way of doing that is by offering financial incentives.

There have been fantastic signup offers, such as the free shares, free crypto sign-ups, and great deals like the chase bank account deal which gave £20 free just for opening a chase bank account for free, and on top £20 for each friend that signed up with your link.

This is a great way to earn some decent money, but advise caution and ensure do your research beforehand. All the offers I post are ones that I have tried and tested myself

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