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The Money Earner 2022 Review: How I Earned An Amazing £6700

The money earner 2022 review; How I earned over £6,700

The 2022 earning report is in and it is a good one. An extra £6,700 in cash and vouchers that I have earned through various methods.

Some of these methods I have been using for years others are new for 2022. 

Not all of these will suit everyone but finding what works for you and earning some extra cash each month can really help out any situation.

2022 Earning report

All in all, I earned in Total £6759.79

This through various means

Surveys: £2136.70
Sign up offers and referrals £998.23
Lego Investing £930.29
KDP £774.20
User testing: £632.95
Amazon associate £261.17
Playing mobile games on Inbox pounds: £581.98
Cashback: £227.67
Market research £224
Free bets and competitions £179
Free Jackpot £39 – no longer worth it but was good while lasted
Amazon shopper panel £52.6
Snap my eats £10
Microsoft rewards £10


Surveys: £2136.70

Surveys are always well worth doing, they are the most common and easiest way of making extra money online. 

Can do at your own convenience at times that suit you. 

However the biggest change I made was only focusing on the sites I deemed worthy of my time. 

The top 3 for me are the following:

Ylive £600
Lifepoints £410
Panelbase £211.70

That being said I still dipped into many other surveys, some better than others, but always consider the survey as a job would you work for that rate?. If the answer is no then the survey is not worth your time. There is big difference between the £1 for 5 minutes and 42p for 20 minutes. Your better than that don’t waste your time. 

User testing: £632.95

Like surveys but more earnings these ones – you get paid for talking about an app or website page whilst screen and voice being recorded.

Once set up with the sites you can rake up quite a bit of cash Intellizoom has been my best earnings in this front. Often getting paid £5 for about 5-10 minutes of work.

Playing mobile games on Inbox pounds: £581.98

This was a new one for 2022, but a great way of earning extra money was through completing mobile game offers, completing the requirements in time and getting paid handsomely. 

I have written up a post for these games that I earned in 2022 and tips to complete them, can read more about it here. 

Market research £224

Good if you can get it. Market research is the way to go. Online focus groups or online communities and you can get paid quite handsomely for your time. £100+ for an hours time.

The problem I personally find is the time to complete these as often the times are done during working hours or when looking after kids so not always possible.

Plus often need to confirm on phone and I always miss the calls, but if your serious about money earning you need to check out market research.

Check out my page for more information and tips to maximise market research

Sign up offers and referrals £998.23

These are my favourite ways of making some extra money, because you can earn a lot and they are very quick to do. Bit of research sometimes needed to ensure legitimacy.

But a lot of the sign ups and referral offers are very generous, and by telling your family and friends about the offers, not only can you make them money you can also get an extra reward yourself.

I always want to focus on the offers that are real tangible assets or that you can withdraw quickly.

Chase for example this year was offering £20 for new sign ups and £20 for each friend.

Shares app pays you now £5 free share for signing up and £20 for each friend as well.

Keep a look out on the free money page for the best sign up offers around.

Cashback: £227.67

There are different ways I like to earn with cashback. passively by buying things I would do anyway, but using cashback services for bonus money. Or the sign up offers that pay you for signing up. Either the free sign up offers which for example Oh my Dosh is the best at, or profitable offers that pays you more than you actually spend.

Lego Investing £930.29

Lego investing is a side hustle I have been growing since 2020, the methods are simple. Buy popular, discounted Lego, when the set retires (they all retire) then the more in demand the set the higher the price will go. I then send into amazon to sell and target 100% return on investment.

See a full breakdown for this year of all my Lego sales.

KDP £774.20

I took a KDP hit at the beginning of the year with my account being banned. Lessons learned I am back and playing it safe. In 2022 Q4 sold an almighty amount of KDP planners and notebooks netting a profit of £774.20.

These are easy to set up and upload, and the best part about this side hustle is the low start up costs. You can do this completely for free, get free interiors online, create simple covers with canva or similar, upload to Amazon then if it sells Amazon will print and post and give you royalties for the book. Each book sold for about £4.50 -£5.00 and I was looking at about £1 in royalties.

More important than the cover and the interior for no content publishing is the keyword research, to find yourself high in the search rankings and above competitors.

But the book will only sell if looks good, but you do not need to be a graphic designer to sell books. (Trust me, have you seen my logos?)

Can read more about my KDP journey here

Amazon associate £261.17

This was another new one to me for 2022 – I often post about Lego deals that am interested in and some of followers and friends looking for same thing, by posting an affiliate link if people buy a product that have linked or other products I will earn a small commission.

Important to mention this in the links you post by disclaimer on website or a tag in the specific post.


Free bets and competitions £179

This was bit of luck but as they say you make your own luck in this world. I love a free bet or competition and have got lucky with a few bookmakers bets.

I reuse to bet my own cash anymore but free bets can be a good little tp up and bit of fun.

Plus there are also a tonne of free games the bookmakers offer for chances of cash wins or free bets. (Minimally but still)

Free Jackpot £39

This site is now defunct and not what it was at the start but was able to get some vouchers

Amazon shopper panel £52.6

You can earn £5 a month through amazon shopper panel just for taking pictures of your supermarket receipts or emailing them in. (There is a waitist to join now, but if you can get in will be worth the wait.

Overall was a fantastic year for earning extra money, as helped with the cost of living crisis and getting us to the stage of having a deposit for a house. We go again for 2023 to see if can earn even more next year. 

Thanks for reading and if have nay questions hit me up am always happy to help


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