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A chance to earn over £200 from game of vampires on inbox pounds, But is it possible?


One of the ways I like to earn extra money in my spare time is through the inbox pounds games. You download the game via the link through inbox pounds, complete the required levels and if you hit your targets within the allotted time frame, you will get paid for it. 

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Some of these games can be very lucrative and for minimal work, you can earn good money that can be converted into cash or vouchers. 


However, some games are not worth the time, and are historically very difficult to reach the allotted levels in order to come out in profit. 


So where does Game of Vampires sit in this field? Is it worth it? Is it possible and most importantly is it worth your time? 


The Game of Vampires offer – Earn £218.20


This offer looks very inviting the opportunity to earn over £200 by playing a game.


This offer is staggered so you can earn different amounts depending on what level you reach. 


  • Create a role –  5 pence
  • Reach Dominance 50K – 10 pence 
  • Reach Dominance 200K – 20 pence
  • Reach Dominance 300K – 35 pence
  • Reach Dominance 400K – 50 pence
  • Reach Dominance 1,200K – £2
  • Reach Dominance 2,000K – £5
  • Reach Dominance 3,500K – £10
  • Reach Dominance 7,000K – £20
  • Reach Dominance 10,000K – £60
  • Reach Dominance 12,500K – £120

You will have 15 days from installing to try and reach the required level. 


What is Dominance?

So the first thing to understand in this game is what is ‘Dominance; this is basically your xp.

You will find your Dominance level Just next to your avatar picture in the top left of the screen. 

There is lots of different ways to increase your dominance. But you will need to accrue different points to claim them. 

How to increase dominance?

Screenshot image 1

The main way to increase dominance is to level up your wardens, characters that you can increase their levels by upgrading them. To do this you will need to level up with ‘Blood’ which can be claimed regularly by completing the tasks or collecting them from the castle. 

You can also level up their skills and other attributes by utilising scrolls and books to level up the wardens. 

Another way to increase dominance is through the ‘lovers lodge’ dating people will give you children that you can train and upgrade and marry off which will improve dominance. 


Tips and tricks 

Screenshot image 2

Main way to boost your points is to complete the daily tasks that will give you various rewards to help boost your other attributes in order to level up. 

Exchange your diamonds in the shop for blood, books and scrolls to level up faster.

Complete the main quest to get more prizes and rewards. 

Explore and take out the bad guys as you move through the various levels to give more rewards these will naturally be part of the quests

Travel through the town with the masquerade function

This article here explains all the different functions and all of their benefits. 

For more tips and tricks this is a great article to follow to level up


Is this game possible?

After playing this game quite passively for some time, it does become a bit of a slog and anywhere near the higher levels seem further and further away. 

With only 15 days to complete you will have to be playing most days, the bonus is that mainly it is clicking the odd button and involves little playing, but there is a lot of it to be done, on the various things. 


After playing for a few days I got my level to 400k, which gets the very small rewards and doesn’t appear worth it much. 


This game is quite fun, lots of activities to keep you occupied and I enjoyed the fact that I could do it quite mindlessly whilst watching the tv, but no doubt it is a bit of a slog, I was reluctant to pay any money as didn’t seem that the rewards would be achievable with them and dint want to come out at a loss. 


Overall this game doesn’t appear worth it it draws you in with a big reward and for the time needed to get there, it doesn’t really seem worth it, nor even possible for the high reward. 

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