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Get £20 by signing up to Zing in this fantastic free money offer

Get £20 by signing up to Zing in this fantastic free money offer

It has been a while but another free money offer is upon us. 

You can get an easy free £20 cash, by signing up to zing, depositing and spending £5, and then in 30 days you will get a free £20. 

You have until the 31st of May to get signed up to claim. 

Step by step guide to free money offer. 

Step 1: Sign up to zing using referral link

Step 2: Download the app and create a zing account

Step 3: Verify identity – I used my passport it did take a day for it to be approved for me

Step 4: Top up your account (I just topped up with £10)

Step 5: Make a single payment of £5 minimum 

Step 6: In 30 days get £20 free

Step 7: invite your friends using your own unique referral link and get £20 for each friend that signs up. 


What is Zing?

Zing is part of HSBC and is all about international money, you will see when you log in you have all manner of accounts, and it is easy to transfer the money between the, With your card being valid in a whole array of other countries. 

This makes transferring money and making purchases really easy.

Ideal for me as off to Ireland in a couple of weeks, so will be giving this a real tester out there. 

It may not be something that you choose to use. But I can certainly see the appeal of the app for some. 

The fees to transfer to different currencies is really low. 20 pence for £100, and the conversion rate when checked against others was very comparable.

The conversion is swift and easy, with money ready to spend straight away. You can also easily send it to friends on Zing as well. 

Here is the referral link again, we both get £20 if you sign up with this link and then tell your friends with your own link to get a further £20 up to a total of £400 free. 

The best things in life are free

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