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Earn money playing games on phone with Inboxpounds

Earn money playing games on phone with Inboxpounds.

If you would have told me years ago that I could earn money by playing games on my phone, I would have ignored you and shot you down. Even as close as a couple of years ago I tried and got put off. Now however I have found the right formula for earning money from these games. This year I have earned quite a decent amount from a number of different mobile games currently over £300.

How it works

Inbox pounds is a get paid to website that offers money for completing surveys, sign-up offers but most profitable is the mobile games.

The offers are really easy to do, you will find them on inbox pounds on the offer page or on the sponsored emails, then if you are on the phone you can click the link on the offer which will take you to the app store or google play and download the app. 

If on the computer then you will have the option of sending the download link on your phone as a text or through email, then click the link on your phone and download the app simple as that. 

The offer will involve completing a certain level of a game within a certain time period. It is these two elements that you need to make sure you have checked that will ensure that you get paid.

The games track through the magic of the cookies, so when you sign up and complete the levels you require inboxpounds knows straight away that you have completed and will get rewarded. Exactly how cashback works, so similar to cashback need to make sure when prompted on download on apple phones that you allow tracking and also avoid ad blockers. 

Important tips to make sure you get paid

  • Can’t have downloaded the app before
  • Keep a screenshot of the offer in case it changes and can use this in any support tickets (of all the offers I have done this year haven’t had to use once
  • Read the top terms and conditions some have specific requirements but these are in plain sight on the offer so can’t be missed
  • The most important thing is to make sure you let the app track when the app tracking warning comes up you click accept otherwise the offer won’t pay. 

Make sure the offer is doable

The reason I was not a fan of these offers in the past was because they were seemingly impossible, and some have to say are, that is why when completing these offers it is important to do a small amount of research to see if the offer is doable. Sites like the fantastic and underrated themoneyearner, or more commonly Reddit threads will give a great indicator as to whether the offer is doable and also some great helpful tips on how to get there.

There are still a number of offers that seem very tempting and doable but when it comes to it are a massive time sink a bit of research goes a long way, I have a list further down of the offers that I actually have completed. Some requirements may have changed so keep a look out. 

What if the offer doesn’t go pending?

Normally with inbox pounds the offer tracks automatically, as soon as the criteria is met. The offer goes pending almost instantly. But sometimes this doesn’t happen. This can be worrying but there is a very quick fix to remedy this. Just contact inbox pounds support and explain what has happened, show proof of offer completion. Every time I have done this I have been paid successfully. Find out in detail how to contact support with my article here.

Inboxpounds didn't pay

Inboxpounds offers that have completed and paid

Mafia city £100 earned – £7 spent
Club vegas £45 earned – £0 spent
Bermude adventures £25earned – £0 spent
Star trek fleet command £65 earned £4.49 spent – Guide here
Solitaire Grand harvest £25 – £1.79 spent
Rise of kingdoms £40 earned £0 spent

The ones that didn’t work in 2022

State of survival £0 earned – £15 spent (this one hurt)

This was my negative one of the year, the state of survival game which was worth £100 and another city builder game, because of the high payput I made some purchases unfortunately I missed out on about 4 days during the offer due to illness and couldn’t recover in time. So unfortunately this one didnt pay, but honestly i think if I jad been more organised I would have been able to get to the target level in time.



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