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Inboxpounds didn’t pay? Here’s how to get your money

Inboxpounds didn’t pay?
Here’s how to get your money


Over the last year Inbox pounds has been one of the best ways of making some extra money with some truly generous offers on completing games. Really easy offers you download the game through the link on Inboxpounds, complete the offer as advertised and get paid. Most of the time this tracks perfectly, but what should you do if the offer doesn’t track? 

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What to do when you start the offer?

As I always say, you should follow some rules before you start these offers, take screenshots of the offer, with the requirements so you have it dated for the day you started the offer, then in case the offer changes you will be able to show what you were working towards. 

Make sure to read the important details to ensure you complete the offer, normally the main part is that you have to get to a certain level in a certain time, but there have been some where you must also complete a minimum amount of game time, or make a small purchase.


Then you will know you have complied with the offer. 

When to chase the inboxpounds offer?

Normally most offers track instantly so go as pending in the top cashback account statement straight away. But I normally give it 24 hours once finished the requirement to see if it has been tracked.


If it has been 24 hours and you haven’t received payment, then it is time to complete a support request


How to complete a support request on inbox pounds for missed payment


Completing a support request with inbox pounds is always really easy to do and they have always been very helpful whenever I have done one. 


To contact them you just need to go on to your activity page find the link of the activity you have completed and click on it. 

inboxpounds pending

To find this click on the balance in the top right corner, which will bring up activity change the column to visited, find the relevant visit link for the offer and click on the envelope to contact support


A pop up will remind you to only complete a support request if are eligible to do so and prompt to check you have completed the offer. 


If you are sure everything has been done then you can click ‘contact us’ It may well remind you again of the top 3 things to remember and then just enter the details of the offer informing you completed within the time frame stated and it didn’t go pending. 


It is really helpful here to attach screen shots of firstly the offer to show what the expectations were and then secondly any screenshots of completion of the offer showing account details and for the games proving you have completed the level requirements. 


On occasion you will get an email requesting further information, don’t be put off by this if they ask for something that you can’t offer. On the last one I completed they asked for a picture of the account in game showing my email address but this wasn’t available I simply explained this and then the next day payment was paid. 


A lot of people are put of from these offers for these odd occasions that people don’t get paid, but with inbox pounds if you complete the requirements then 99% of the time you will get paid and if you don’t the support will always help you out. 


It is an excellent way to earn some extra money. I am more wary about other sites similar as have heard of more issues, but inbox pounds always delivers for me. 

I have earned hundreds of pounds from such offers but you must know how to claim if it doesnt work. 

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