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How I earned £60 on Star trek fleet command Level 21 offer

How I earned £60 playing Star trek fleet command getting to Level 21

Something that I have started up recently this year is playing games to earn money. Through inbox pounds or Swagbucks you can earn money by downloading mobile app games and getting to a certain level by a certain time, then the site will pay you, and Star trek fleet command is one of the best offers around at moment.

Sounds too good to be true, and when I tried this before it did not go well. But since restarting this year I have found some ways to make sure I can get paid. So here is how I got paid for hitting Level 21 on star trek fleet command and my tips to do so. 

How it works

The offers are really easy to do, you will find them on inbox pounds and Swagbucks on the offer page, then if you are on the phone you can click the link on the offer which will take you to the app store or google play and download the app. 

If on the computer then you will have the option of sending the download link on your phone as a text or through email, then click the link on your phone and download the app simple as that. 

Important tips to make sure you get paid

  • Can’t have downloaded the app before
  • Keep a screenshot of the offer in case it changes and can use this in any support tickets (of all the offers I have done this year haven’t had to use once
  • Read the top terms and conditions some have specific requirements but these are in plain sight on the offer so can’t be missed
  • The most important thing is to make sure you let the app track when the app tracking warning comes up you click accept otherwise the offer won’t pay. 

The star trek fleet command offer

star trek fleet command

The offer when I signed up through inbox pounds was a three-way one, that tiered at Level 7, 12 and 21, £5, £10 and £50. You had to complete the offer in 30 days. Meaning if you could achieve that then you would be on £65 just for playing a game on your phone. 

At the time of writing the offer has been reduced by £15 with the final tier being £35 – I would still say worth it, but it may go up again.

These offers do fluctuate up and down sometimes, so you need to decide whether it is worth your time

When I did the offer it has a pending time of 7 days, which means when you complete the offer, it will go as pending on the site and then after the time is up – in this case, 7 days – then the money will go into your account. 


Different offers have different time periods to let you know how long you will need to wait. 


What type of game is Star trek fleet command

This game is what is known as like city builder game, as so many of the games around are, and that means that there is a lot of waiting around for these games meaning that you don’t have to spend every waking hour on it. Although will not be a free ride completely so helps if you enjoy these games. 


Often with these games the first couple of hours is important and is worth spending more focused time on those initial stages so as to get the ball rolling. 


The main objective of the game is to get your operations building to level up. The higher it goes the longer the building takes, with the first few being free then the last operation building required takes 3 days. 


To level up the operations building, there are always sub-buildings and research tasks to level up first. 


Following my tips and the tips of others, it is very possible to get to the maximum payout by the time required. I completed it quite comfortably with a week left to spare. 

Early payout!!!! only needs to get to Level 19

One of the reasons this offer is so doable is because for each payout I did it credited early on inbox pounds by 2 levels, so the level 5 I got £5, at Level 10 I got the next £10, then at Level 19 I got the big one £50.

This should not be taken as a fluke as many of the inbox pounds and Swagbucks offers pends early and it is this information on guides and Reddit threads that encourages me to go for these offers. Getting to 21 would have been an almighty slog as it gets considerably tougher the longer you go. 


My tips for completing the game 

Here are my tips on how best to go about completing the star trek fleet command offer and claiming that money. 


2nd builder queue

If you are going for the big offer then you will need the second builder queue, this does cost £5 but consider this a solid investment tool to use to get to that £65 hence why my profit was £60

It is probably possible to get the lower levels definitely the first and probably the second but then you are only looking at getting the £15 commit early and getting the second queue and you will be well on your way to getting the £65 if you stay focused. 


Get busy at the start

As I mentioned, the best way to get moving is at the start of the game, to stay focused and crack on with the buildings until you get to a point that takes a few hours and then off to bed you go and wake up and crack on, the longer you go in the game the longer the buildings take but at the beginning, they won’t take long and you don’t want to waste time not building anything while your sleeping So always do the big builds when you’re going to be off your phone or asleep for a while. 


Plan ahead on what buildings to upgrade

The way to move up is to improve your operations building but to do that there are many other buildings that you need to improve

Check out this site to see the requirements for the different operation requirements so you can plan what buildings you will upgrade next. 

What I did was note down what was needed for operations for the next level and then checked the requirements for those buildings and so on, this way I could make a clear plan for where to go next.

So if for operation level I needed academy level 12 and r and level 12 I would go on the respective pages for those and see what was required that way I could plan ahead and only build what was required and in the correct order. 

This is the ideal site to plan your level upgrades

Save your Latinum and speedups

Latinum will be useful for buying resources or for buying speedups. I tend to advise waiting until get to the latter stages of the game before you need them, and storing them all up.

Daily missions

Daily missions are a great way to earn more rewards, they are quite easy at the start and by completing the missions provided you can earn lots of great resources or latinum or speed-ups. 

Complete the missions

The missions are well worth completing, to gain more rewards as well if you have the time. 

Away team 

Away team is a section of the game that can earn you further rewards, will be found between missions and daily rewards and you just have to click a button to send your officers away for some time, then they should come back with rewards another quick thing to do a couple of times a day to earn rewards



I didn’t do much mining, to be honest but perhaps I should, there was a time when I ran out of Iron ore and it took me a long while to work out what I needed to do and then upgrade the ship to get the iron ore

I would advise therefore upgrading your ships where you can get the warp levels up so can explore more which will be good for the missions and then finding areas to mine what you need. You can find lists online of the worlds that have specific resources available 


I have seen guides with a lot more information and informing you to do lots more, but I did level 19 quite comfortably by focusing on building and doing the easy missions. 

The best approach is just to keep everything busy at all times.

  • Be building constantly long builds when away from phone
  • Get the ships mining for the resources you will need
  • Send the away team away
  • Click on the missions when on phone to get some rewards
  • Remember to check the daily missions and claim your daily rewards
  • Work on research as needed to improve construction resources or ships. 
  • Using your refinery each day to refine the resources crystal is quite important for levelling up. 

If you have any questions whilst completing this offer always happy for people to hit me up on Twitter

Thanks for reading, I will be on the lookout for more easy ways of making money and posting when I find them… Live long and prosper I guess!


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