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Club vegas offer complete in 21 days

Inbox pounds / swagbucks club vegas offers how-to guide.

Is it possible to get to level 100 in 21 days and earn £45

Fancy earning some money by playing games on your phone? Inboxpounds offer lots of these offers and one of the best I have seen and the least work involved is the club vegas offer on inbox pounds which is also available on Swagbucks. In my attempt at the offer, I have found ways to give you the best opportunity to complete this offer in time.


What is inbox pounds?

So inbox pounds is the same company as Swagbucks and a very similar site with similar offers Has surveys but is not as good as other survey sites – similar to Swagbucks the same offers are often on both sites or alternate between the two so can be worth checking both, but don’t try and do the offer on both.

What is club vegas offer?

I am a big fan of the club vegas offer, primarily as it is doable and many of the other offers can be very labour intensive and very difficult to achieve in time. This offer however you can do quite passively.


You just need to download the app on your phone, get to level 100 within 21 days of downloading and you will get paid £45.20 in total.

The club vegas game is a free slots game where you can spin free coins on a wide variety of slots and the more you do the higher the levels go up.

This can be done quite passively if you set auto spin, some games will have mini-games that you will need to play for big jackpots so will need to keep half an eye on them, but very passive in comparison, you can just leave in the back ground.


The initial levels you will plough through very quickly I got to level 50 within just a couple of hours from then on the slog was somewhat real, and it took much longer to go up the levels getting increasingly harder as the time went. With each level needing more and more coins to move up. But there are lots of tips to ensure you have the best chance to move up to levels and get an easy £45 in your spare time.

Make sure the app tracks

When you go through to the offer, you can send the link to text or mobile, then simply click the link to download it. Once downloaded make sure you see the pop-up that asks whether app data can be tracked make sure you say yes

Was it previously downloaded?

If you have previously downloaded the game on the same device before you will not get paid, so make sure this is the first time. You will be able to see on the icon on the app store if was previously downloaded.

How to get more coins?

The trick to completing this game is to maximise the coins that you have, fortunately, there are lots of ways to boost your coin total. Then each day I would spin until I got to zero then complete the offers to get the boosts and leave on auto spin again, using all of these methods you should get to Level 100 within time and claim your money.

The daily spin

The first one is an easy one log in each day and get a free daily spin this was normally worth a million coins

Join a club

Joining a club will really pay dividends and give you lots of free coins on a regular basis. The better the club with more active participants the better the rewards. So join as soon as  you can and check the club email regularly to claim all of those yummy rewards

Completing daily challenges

This is another good way of earning some extra coins by completing these challenges which mostly, you will eat up just by spinning regularly but there may be some more requirements. But hitting them will again top up your bonus

Adding friends to collect more bonuses

You can invite lots of lovely random people to be your friends, this will give you a few more coins as well, this didnt give me as many coins as other methods but every little helps

Sharing your epic wins on Facebook

If you share your ‘epic wins’ on Facebook you can earn a mystery box that will give you between 100k and 10 million coins. What’s more is if you click on the share button, you can select to share with only yourself and then that means that no one else will be littered with this non-information in their feed

Check your in-game mail

There are plenty of ways to earn more coins on the in-game mail You get lots of opportunities for free coins that you can claim. Such as free spins on a variety of games.


Free facebook coins


If linked with Facebook you can claim more free coins by visiting this page and clicking claim on the ones you want to complete- it goes back seven days and there are normally a couple of new each day which normally give about 300k on each claim so this will also top up the bonus

free coins here


Which game to play?

I played spin of fortune which was recommended to me on a few different walkthroughs, this had a good bonus feature on the spin wheel which gave massive boosts and was a good way of keeping the spins going

How much to bet?

The best way that worked for me is to not bet more than 100th of my balance so if I had 1 million I would only bet 10,000 this would mean I would keep going for more and bet more ultimately

Betting in big hits would just wipe my balance and leave me with nothing left very quickly

Should I buy packs to make sure complete the offer?

I would not recommend this for this game, the offers are not that great and the fictional coins could disappear quite quickly there is a good shot of completing this for free and by spending you don’t massively increase your chances. So I would maximise the free coins, follow the other tips and you should get to where you need to do.


What if after 21 days it doesn’t track?

Sometimes this happens, but if you have completed everything properly then definitely put a support ticket in You can do this on inbox pounds by going on sites visited and clicking the button which will take you to a support ticket. It is worthwhile if any screenshots emails etc are all sent as well to give more evidence.

I have heard conflicting things about inbox pounds support, all I can speak for is myself and when I completed this offer it tracked very clearly and with no issues.

Perhaps there was an element of luck and it was right on the limit for me to get to level 100 but many of these tips I only started halfway through which think made me much slower on my way to the target. Ultimately this is a great game to attempt these offers as you can quite happily leave your phone spinning in the background as opposed to other games which involve more work.

Any questions as always let me know




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