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These inbox pounds games offers made a lot in 2022

All the inbox pounds game offers that paid out

  1. Mafia City Level 25 within 21 days £100 – £93 profit
  2. Animal Kingdom Level 68 £55 – £35 Profit
  3. Star Trek fleet command Level 21 in 30 days – £65 – £60 profit – Guide
  4. Club Vegas Level 100 in 21 days £45 + £60 (completed twice)
  5. Rise of kingdom city hall level 18 £45
  6. Family island Level 18
  7. Solitaire grand harvest crop 10 in 7 days  £25
  8. Bermuda adventures £20
  9. Coin Master £30 – £10 spend £20 profit
  10. Merge dragons in progress

One novel way I earned money in 2022 is through inbox pounds game offers, these are the mobile app offers, that reward you for meeting certain levels within a certain time frame. If you do you can get quite a nice reward.

Some of these are seriously worth doing (particularly if you like the games) others not so much and can be a massive time sink for not much reward or pretty impossible to complete.

This method of making money online is ideal for people who want something that can do whilst multi tasking in the evenings or passively with your phone at work. Always see whether the game is possible before you begin and look out for helpful tips, as I have provided here.

Here is all the ones that worked well for me in the past 12 months and my tricks and tips for completing them. 


Remember these rules first

First whenever completing these offers on inboxpounds or swagbucks, remember to follow some simple rules to ensure you get paid. 


  1. Can’t have downloaded the game before
  2. Read the terms of the offer – may need other requirements to be fulfilled
  3. Ensure tracking is set up on your phone / allow the app to track on the phone
  4. Keep screenshots of the offer
  5. If doesn’t track (very rare) submit a support ticket

All the offers that I completed in 2022

These are all of the offers that I completed in the past year, I have included my experiences the tips and tricks that I used to follow to ensure I could reach the target and any money that I spent on doing them. (Definitely worth paying a bit for some offers to get some more back)

Throughout all of this I have found inbox pounds to be very reliable and the time that I had to use their support ticket they were very helpful. 


Mafia city Level 25 within 30 days £100 earned £7 spent – £93 profit

Mafia city was the best game this year for payment, a slick city-builder game. Where you have to get your mansion to a higher level by building all the other buildings. 


Not too labour-intensive after the first couple of hours just had to be smart. Bought the second builder queue so that could build more than one building at a time.

As with many offers on inbox pounds, this one credited early at Level 20 which made this offer very doable.

Tips to achieve the level in time:

Join a guild will help with rewards needed

Save the bigger build times for when you are sleeping or working

Only build the buildings required to improve the mansion – a good guide can be found here for the building requirements

There are some further good tips on this Reddit chat 

(Reddit always seems the place to go for gaming walkthroughs)


Animal Kingdom Reach level 68 within 12 days £55 spent £20 – £35 profit

The game is a spin game where you get coins to build up your levels 

This game perhaps I wouldn’t recommend this as it was an almighty stress to get there in time, and needed more payment. But still happy that I made £35 profit. 

The game did not pend early so had to get to level 68, you had to make a purchase to be eligible for the offer as well but this could have been a very small amount (the cheapest I think was £1.79) 

Tips to complete the game

Bet small but often as opposed to blowing big multiplied spins I would advise going for x 3

The events are a great way of getting more energy or spins so make sure to partake 

When you do the Sammy jackpots with the snake quit once you have found the first snake and watched the first ad it is rigged so you won’t get the big prize ever. (I lost a fair bit by being greedy)

Maybe more of a gamble but plenty have succeeded be prepared for the slog however

Club vegas £105 (Done twice once for £60 and once for £45

This game is easy and semi hands-off, it is a free slot game, and for this offer you need to get to Level 100, all you need to do is spin on the slots. The more you spend and win the higher your levels go up. You get to Level 100 you get your money from inbox pounds.


On the face of it it is easy to get Level 100 in 21 days however unless lucky it is quite difficult as the higher the levels go the harder and harder it is to progress. But certainly doable (and without spending a penny) Follow these tips to give yourself the best chance


Top tips for club vegas

I have written a bigger guide on club vegas from the first time I completed the offer that can be found here

The best tip for this is that it still pays if you complete the offer after day 21 I completed it I think 5 days after on the second attempt and still got paid


  • Would recommend betting a 1/100th – 1000th of your balance as otherwise too high a bet will eradicate your balance quickly
  • Join a club to get more free coins
  • Check out this site for DAILY free coins
  • Do the daily spin each day
  • Get coins for sharing on facebook (can share with only yourself so no one sees your dirty secrets
  • Do the time bonus for free coins and spins
  • Here is an excellent guide on the game

Star trek fleet command Level 21 in 30 days – £65 – £5 spent £50 profit Second attempt in progress

Star trek fleet command is another city-builder game in the same vein as mafia city. There are two good aspects to this offer

  1. It also pends early 2 levels early so it is only level 19 you need to get to making this offer most doable
  2. This offer is also split into 3 parts so you get paid for completing Levels 12 £5, Level 17 and Level 21

The offer may not hit the heights of £65 in total but be still at £50 recently so making it still worthwhile

My bigger guide on star trek fleet command can be found here

Tips to complete in time

  • I only discovered this the second time I played this game but the biggest tip is on the events page you can transfer your ‘ketracel’ for resources including Latinum this can be used to speed up your buildings I would advise keeping the Latinum until towards the end to buy what you need
  • Spend time at the start getting the building going. Do the big builds during a time when not on the phone
  • Definitely need to get the second builder queue costs £5 but will be impossible to complete the higher levels if not done
  • Use this site to see what buildings are needed next
  • Complete missions to get more resources, also mine with the ships
  • Do the research sections that are required Vaults and defence technologies will be required
  • Once get refinery mine for crystal and ore Find crystal sections here Crystal and Ore

The initial part of the game takes some work, but after some time it is just about going on regularly and clicking build then logging off, staying organised and knowing what to do next is all you need and this game can be completed comfortably without having to stare at the screen. 

Plus as a game itself, there is a lot to it to keep you occupied not saying would do it for fun (I got money to make) but is not soul crushing boring. 

Solitaire grand harvest £25

If you like solitaire this is a good game for you and is doable, have heard good success getting to the required level within the week. 

This game is worth completing if you like playing solitaire but otherwise is a bit of an almighty slog. When I did it I was fortunate that only needed to get to crop 10 due to the email offer I was given. To be honest, otherwise, I think I may have struggled to complete it, but am gearing up for attempt 2 so stay tuned


If going to give it a go follow these tips to give you the best chance. 

Bermuda adventures £20 (level 20 i think)

This is another builder game, I found this one quite easy as it told you exactly what you needed to build, the best bit about this in comparison to other games was the free videos for energy. So rinsing these although time-consuming it was easy to get the energy you need to complete the game. 

The game also pended at level 20 for me which made it much more comfortable,

Top tip 

Claim that free energy and keep things moving all the time. Can be done quite passively whilst watching the telly making it a good earner without too much real work/ 

Family island Level 20 £25

Family Island is very similar to Bermuda adventure I quite enjoyed the game it is quite hands on though and quite a slog to get to it. Unfortunately, there is no unlimited ads as in Bermuda adventures so energy is hard to come by. I have tried this game twice once successful – once when less attuned early on failed. But probably unless you have lots of time and enjoy this game it is not the one for you. 

Top tips 

  • Just keep building and doing quests it shall be a slog
  • One thing I did write at the end to get me over the line was to sell all of my stuff, you get one xp each item so i theory could slog the production of roots but would be an almighty slog but may help get over the line. 

Rise of Kingdoms £40 made Get to city hall level 18


This was one of the first city builder games that I tried and as many of the guides said it is the easiest. Same plan as other city builder games, crack on early on and get everything built, then do the bigger builds when you are away from the phone. 



  • Pended at level 17
  • Continue building with both queues all the time 
  • Only build what is needed this guide helps massively

Coin Master £30 £10 spend £20 profit

Coin master is a game very similar to animal kingdom you, get coins from using energy to spin their 3-bar slot machine for prizes. Then with the winnings, you move up the levels buying the ‘houses’

This one I took the easy way out, you have to make a purchase as per the current terms and conditions in the game, I started the game during black Friday and they had a big bonus on buying energy. I went bigger spent £10 getting a whole tonne of energy than just left the game to rack up the points.

Others have said the game is doable but personally I think it is more down to a bit of luck. But there are sure some tips to give you the best fighting chance. 

Top tips 

I would say not to bet too much energy as it will deplete very quickly 

Do the daily missions to get more coins and energy 

Get the free bonuses – link here

Games that would not recommend or didn’t pay out


Forge of empires – seemed impossible

State of survival this game was a big payout of £100 and I spent about £15 – unfortunately was ill for a few days and that just made it impossible – the big lesson is only going for it if think able to have the time required


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