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Market research is often a much more profitable way of earning money online, the rewards are certainly great. The downside is the time it takes to apply (normally a minute or two) often without getting accepted to any projects. But when you do the rate of pay is excellent and well worth the time for the project itself as well as the time applying for the successful and failed ones.

Rules of market research

There are some rules that need to be followed for market research to maximise your earnings. As can be seen above the six rules are the ones that have helped me to be as efficient as possible with my time. Also to earn as much as possible as well.

Click here for a more in-depth look into the market research rules

Great rewards with market research

Right now with social distancing, it’s made it even easier to do some studies remotely with zoom interviews etc and you can get paid big rewards, in my first couple of months in 2021 I have been paid £120.00 for a diary study, £50.00 for a zoom interview and £90.00 for reviewing a website, I try and get into one or two studies each month.

Sign up to the best companies

The tip here is to sign up to all of the market research companies (don’t worry I’ve provided a list of the best) and then sign up for email alerts check regularly to see if you match the criteria. They are less regular as the criteria can be niche and need to be quick to sign up.


For each study, you click apply answer a few questions and then wait to hear back or a call to see if you have been accepted make sure you take these calls or ring back when asked otherwise you won’t get the study.

It’s definitely easier to get into the studies if you can do them between 9- 5 pm but each study will you when you are needed.

It must be said that you will apply for a lot, and won’t get them all, but get into one it will pay for the time for all the applications.

Be honest and engaging

They want people who are going to do thorough answers so make sure you put in the effort to get into the test and check the times that you are required if you can’t make it don’t even bother applying.

And if you can’t get in and are not suitable you may know someone who is you will often be offered a reward yourself if you do.


I have done two studies with so far and they have been very good quick to see if succesful good communication and paid promptly after the study has closed.

They will tell you when you are getting paid how much and how, how much time is needed, where it is and everything you need in the preliminary questions,, when you get an email you will also have the opportunity to suggest to a friend and they often offer £10.00 gift card if that person does the study and mentions you when they sign up

Click here to sign up or click here for a list of their current studies

Guinea pig research


This is one of the newer ones that I have found, I am yet to have any joy with their projects.

But they seem to be picking up lately, so hopefully will have more luck.

Check out all of the latest opportunities here:

Also as a little bonus if you sign up with this promo code: 00808536 and then when you complete a study you get an extra £20

Saros research

Lots of email invites doing alot of remote studies at the moment, the screening process doesnt take long, alot of the studies are within working hours which has made it difficult for me to get into any

Sign up here quick registration process


Signed up so far have got a 5 pound study for small amount of work that is all, sign up and their studies shall appear on facebook and or email

sign up here

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