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Amazon cashback oh my dosh free money offers

Amazon cashback oh my dosh free money offers.

How to earn £17 for free if you have an amazon account with oh my dosh. This is an incredible amazon cashback offer that is an easy way to earn some extra pounds completely free if you have an amazon account. On ‘oh my dosh’ which is one of my favourite cashback websites you can earn a pretty penny simply by signing up to the different amazon prime channels on their free subscriptions, and cancelling the subscription before you get charged (could do this immediately)

What do you need?

Well, all you need for this is cashback offer is an amazon account which I am sure you do, then secondly an oh my dosh account. ‘Oh my dosh’ account which is free to sign up to and has tonnes of great ways of making some extra money through sign-ups and free trials, can check out my ‘oh my dosh’ page for the best

The offers:

oh my dosh amazon cashback offer

  • Sign up to prime video for 30 days and get £3.50
  • Lionsgate subscription £2.50
  • Shudder subscription £2
  • Discovery Kids £2
  • Paramount + £2
  • MGM £2.50
  • Crime and investigation £2
  • Britbox £2.5
  • Itv hub + £2


How does it work?

So, for the amazon prime sign-up offers as with many others, they will pay oh my dosh for getting a sign up to their service, then if you have signed up through oh my dosh some of this money goes to you. Just like any other cashback website.

So you locate the offer, click through to the link through oh my dosh and complete the sign-up as directed, then for these amazon offers all you need to do is forward the confirmation email to the email address provided in the offer.

If the email address linked to the amazon account is different to the one on the oh my dosh account then just make sure you mention it in the message that you send to them, so that the transaction can be linked and you can still get paid.

Don’t forget to cancel the subscription

Then the last thing to remember to do is to cancel the subscription,  this is done really quickly on amazon by navigating to manage subscriptions and clicking cancel. But it will mean that you will still be able to enjoy that tv subscription until the cancellation date, not only earning you a couple of quid but 7 days of premium tv

3 step process

1. Log in to Prime Video.
2. Sign up to subscription and claim the free trial
3. This offer has to be confirmed manually by the team, so please send your confirmation email from Prime Video Channels to Be sure also to include the email address registered to your OhMyDosh account in the email.

How long does it take to get paid?

The good thing about this offer as well is that it pays quite quickly within a couple of days and as most of these are lighting offers it can be withdrawn very quickly as well. 

You can then withdraw this easily into PayPal. So if new to these channels can make you a nice little bit of money as well as get some free TV. Even if you have a prime subscription already you can still get the rest of the channels as well. It also worked without needing to use an account with the same email address as well.


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