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How  to earn extra money with online Surveys?

Surveys are definitely my most consistent way of earning some extra money online, all the sites and apps are free to sign up. You answer questions on a wide variety of subjects anything from crisps to credit cards to cats to well absolutely anything.

What are surveys?

Companies want to know what you think about their products and so are prepared to pay for you to tell them about your views.

Some sites are better than others and all of the sites below I have tried and tested, some I use every day some I have given up on you, can easily make £100 – £200 a month from about an hour a day.

How long do surveys take?

They can range greatly in the amount of time, some can be literally just one questions, others can take 40 minutes. The point is to do the ones that suit you best. The best survey companies will tell you how long the survey will take and the reward for doing so.

Why are surveys a good way of making money?

Many will say to me that surveys are a waste of time and not worth it for the money you get paid, but for some people they are ideal. Primarily get signed up to the best survey sites and only complete the ones worth your time. 

But they are absolutely ideal for completing in your spare time, many can be done on the phone they can be done at any time of the day or night, and can be done in short bursts. It may just so happen that these are ideal situations, when at home and your brain can’t function on bigger tasks, or when your at work and can mindlessly click on your phone in the absence of work. Have done this in a few different jobs in the past, or quite often when commuting. 

How can you get paid?

This depends on the survey company, some will pay instantly for each survey, others have very small thresholds for payment, like a £1 or something, others like YouGov and Ylive are redeemed at £50

Depending on the survey company, some will pay in cash via PayPal or bank transfer where as others are paid in vouchers. 

Which survey sites to use?

You can easily waste a lot of time doing online surveys, and that is if you focus on the sites and apps that are not worth your time. Normally these are the ones that have pretty referral bonuses, so therefore these are the ones you will get to hear about. But you shouldn’t let this put you off as there are some fantastic survey companies out there. Four that I would say are must haves. 

  1. Prolific -Great rate of pay for the time taken (the best out there), normally these are studies from universities. Need to make sure pay attention to these surveys, if you don’t you can find yourself banned – Prolific link
  2. YLive – this is my favourite (because prolific did ban me) Get paid £1 for 5 minutes on each survey, normally they take less than this time. normally surveys are between £1-4 – you get paid cash via bacs transfer each month that you hit £50. Comfortably can get £300 a year per account – Link
  3. Life points not as good rate of pay compare to others, but better than most, lots of different surveys, few screen outs and they have a lo pay-out at £5 which can be paid in vouchers or PayPal. Lifepoints link
  4. Panelbase – Another good earner decent rate of pay for the majority of surveys, and good variety, can cash out at £10, the best thing I find with panelbase is this is where I find bigger communities that have great rates of pay. Panelbase link

Some rules to follow for surveys

survey rules

There are some golden rules that any avid survey taker should follow to not come unstuck.

  1. Don’t waste your time – I will say this over and over again, your time is valuable don’t do it if not worth your time.
  2. Many survey companies have ridiculous screen outs late on avoid these sites and apps. I have found Qmee for example terrible for this
  3. As soon as hit payment threshold – redeem it. There is no point hanging on to money in a survey site, it can all be gone if site closes if they ban you, so as soon as you have enough get out. 
  4. Look out for attention questions, – the best survey sites will make sure you are paying attention and as I tend to be quite mindlessly doing surveys – you need to stay vigilant, look out for attention checker. Missing these is the sort of thing that will stop you getting your reward for that survey or potentially banned. 

How much did I earn from surveys last year

Last year I earned over £6700 and of that £2,136 of that was all from surveys, not too shabby – see the full earning report here

Remember surveys are not the only way to earn extra money online and you may find a method that works better for you check them out

User testing is similar to surveys, and although not as regular is another great way to earn extra money online. But although not as regular is definitely more money for your time. Well worth checking out how to sign up and how to maximise your earnings

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