Surveys are definitely my most consistent way of earning some extra money online, all the sites and apps are free to sign up. Answer questions on a wide variety of subjects anything from crisps to credit cards to cats to well absolutely anything.

Companies want to know what you think about their products and so are prepared to pay for you to tell them about your views.

Some sites are better than others and all of the sites below I have tried and tested, some I use every day some I have given up on you can easily make £100 - £200 a month from about an hour a day so get signed up to some of these to earn some extra money.

The best sites are the ones that offer good value for money, I want to be paid at least minimum wage for the ones I do, some pay more, some pay a fraction and are really not worth your time. 

I've made a definitive list of all of the ones I have used and still use, and reviewed them, making it easier to see which ones are worth doing.


The ultimate guide to earning money with online surveys

Guide to earning money online with surveysSurveys are a great way to earn some extra money online. Completely free and easy to start, there are so many opportunities out there from loads of different sites. Meaning you can earn at any time of day and night, from your phone or computer. I Have been doing surveys online and over time have learned the best ways to maximise my online survey earning.

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My top survey site is Populus, excellent payouts, quick surveys and well paid. Email alerts for when surveys are released, some can be completed on mobile.
Payment via Bacs, cashout is at £50

Full review here
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2020 Earnings: £400


Lifepoints is great, it has a tonne of surveys (sometimes), not as highly paid as Populus but more frequent, do get email alerts, but better off checking their site once a day. Payout at just £5 PayPal
Full review here
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2020 Earnings: £520


One of my favourite sites, good surveys and a good rate of pay. Lots of other opportunities as well, online communities, product testing.
Cash out at £10 via bacs
Check out review here
Sign up here - and get £3.00 to start (nothing for me)

2020 Earnings: £141.70


A survey company and so much more, they have lots of surveys available, some worth their time, some really not. Can also earn through cashback and their sign  up offers, get paid for searches through their browser extension and their daily poll
Instant cashout to PayPal
Read review here
Sign up here - and get 50p free on your first cashout (50p for me as well)

2020 Earnings: £280.54


YouGov is a slow burn, the surveys are not very regular, but definitely worth their time, cash out is at £50.00 so it takes quite a while to get there, but YouGov safe a browser extension where you share your streaming data is massively profitable and can earn you a lot extra.
Also, check out YouGov direct for your phone and much smaller cash out £2.00
Full Review here
Sign up here - (I will get 200 points £2.00, you will have made the fourth best decision in your money earning life)
2020 Earnings: £50.00 (already doubled in 2021)



Curious Cat
Mobile app available on Iphone or google play
Another that has got a bit rubbish lately, the survey reward is small and can take too long, there are occassionally some well paid though, worth downloading and checking daily for the gooduns
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2020 Earnings: £195.95


Lots of surveys, some very long and not worth what you get for them and fair few screenouts.
Saving grace is their large studies that can sign up to (online communites, product testing, market research - these pay really well
Can do their daily polls as well -
No email alerts so I would check their site daily
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Cash out at various levels I aim for £35 paypal but lots of vouchers as well
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- I get 500 points
( less than 10p)
2020 Earnings: £210.00



Not just a survey site, get points for downloading apps, searches, cashback.
From a survey point of of view not as good as once was, alot of screenouts
Cash out at £5 paypal
Full review here
Sign up here - (we both get 300 points if you earn 300 within first 30 days)
2020 Earnings: £170.00



Good old classic survey site, to earn some amazon vouchers from, regular surveys and good rate of pay.
Few screenouts and surveys are not quick
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2020 Earnings: £25 (started in Septembe


I quite like pureprofile, you get 5 pence for each screenout, not loads of surveys, but decent return for the time when you do complete
Check their site out daily
Read review here
Sign up here - (Referral bonus depends how many surveys person signs up does)
2020 Earnings: £20.00



This one is not bad but it is not great either, so few studies lately, get email alerts not bad time wise when you do them, but with the cashout at £50 it takes a while to get there.
Worth being signed up though, and you might get £50 a year
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2020 Earnings: £50.00


Not many surveys, very sparingly and tend to be lots of screen outs I still check out every so often, but rarely
Sign up here - No referral bonus
2020 Earnings: £24.00


One pulse
Mobile app - Available on Iphone and google play
Considering the little time needed very worth it
Bit different this one, take quick polls to boost xp and get notifications for paid polls just a few questions which will be paid dependant on your xp. Payout at $20.00, slow burn but worth it
2020 Earnings: £14.60



Surveys about various bits of insurance, good reward cash out at £12.00 to PayPal.
Do their daily poll for 10p almost every day
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2020 Earnings: £28.10


Inbox pounds
It's this low down for a reason, find it has so many screen outs, one plus is can earn a few pence every day by clicking the link on the daily email and doing 20 searches through them, can easy get 7 pence a day for minutes work, but for surveys pretty rubbish
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2020 Earnings: £20.00


Branded surveys
Another one with so many screen outs all I do with this is now is do their daily poll for 5 cents, again all adds up, but for surveys very rubbish
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2020 Earnings: £15.72


Decentish mobile survey company, available in both iphone and google play, i used to like their smaller surveys, cash out to paypal at £3 -

Gave up with attapoll after getting banned for third time, think was just going too quick but was a good earner
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2020 Earnings: £201.46




Decent survey site, can redeem for gifts or vouchers, normally takes quite a while to get to redemption, I tend to try and save for once a year
Last year Earnt £50 in argos vouchers

Lots of other ways to earn as well, surveys, games, cashback offers

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Citizen me

Get paid for your data, some nice quick and easy surveys on phone just a few questions and instant payment to Paypal. Minimal surveys but worth having on the phone definitely
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User testing is similar to surveys, and although not as regular is another great way to earn extra money online. But although not as regular is definitely more money for your time. Well worth checking out how to sign up and how to maximise your earnings