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All of the best receipt apps to earn and save money in the uk

All the best receipts app to make and save money in the uk.


Every time you go shopping you get a piece of paper that you normally ball up and throw in the bin. But did you know there is a way to make some extra money from these receipts or the equivalent of free or discounted food?. These apps make it real easy to et some great rewards just from taking pictures of your receipts. 


  • Amazon shopper panel
  • Shoppix
  • ZipZero
  • Snap my eats
  • Storewards 


Amazon shopper panel

Amazon shopper panel is the pick of the bunch – you can get paid £5 minimum each month, just from taking pictures of 10 receipts a month. You have to reach 10 to get paid. But that is 50 p for each receipt


You can use tonnes of different shops, whereas some other apps are limited to only supermarkets. You can also forward email receipts as well and get paid. 


Your reward will be in the form of a £5 credit applied directly to your amazon balance at the end of the month, you will also get opportunity to earn more in the form of surveys of a couple of questions, that take no more than a minute.


The only problem at the moment is that there is a waitlist to join, and this can take a considerable time (6months +) have heard. But get joining as soon as possible would be my advice as this is by far the best out there. It is relatively new to the UK, the last 12 months but has been in America for much longer and as always had great earning potential

Read more about amazon shopper panel here 


shoppix app

Shoppix is another app that pays you for your receipts. Not as prolific as amazon shopper panel. Each receipt is worth about 5 p, you can upload receipts from other 1000 retailers. You can also forward electronic receipts as well. 

Can redeem at £5 for PayPal or amazon vouchers. 

Will take a while to get to redemption but every little helps. Redemption is at 3200 surveys, you get 25 tokens per survey for each one uploaded. Making it 125 receipts to get to redemption (or 4 pence per receipt) – You can get extra from the random scratch cards that are available randomly in the app.

Have been using this app for a long time, very reliable. 

Zip zero


Zip zero is another app that pays for your receipts, it is rather a pain in the bottom to say the least. Been using for a while. But many of the units are still pending. The idea is you earn from the receipts you take pictures of. Then you can use this money to pay for your bills. 

Going to have to give this one a longer go


Storewards is again a bit faffy and not much reward, you can claim for just £2. 

You get 600 points per valid receipt. And can redeem at 22,000 points. So will need 37 receipts to redeem. Again works out at 5 pence per receipt. 

Snap my eats

Snap my eats is a good one, you get paid for sharing your food receipts and takeaways. Supermarket receipts also work. You get 1 credit for every 5 receipts. You can earn 5 credits per month. 

10 credits means you can get a £10 voucher. Putting each receipt at 20 pence. 

A good little app, sometimes a bit clunky, but very worthwhile giving a shot and earning some vouchers. 

Receipt apps are a good way of earning money on your phone but by no stretch of the imagination are they the best or only ones – check out the earning money hub for all of the best ways to earn extra money on your phone and online.


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