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Bet 365 golden goals game earn free bets every week

Get a chance at £10 of free bets every week with bet 365 golden goal

bet 365 golden goals game

I am always on the lookout for free betting games and free bets. Bet 365 is certainly one of the best of these as they are constantly offering great £5 free bets on a variety of games They are always worth a look. Now they have a weekly game that gives the chance of winning £10 of free bets every week. In my first week I was fortunate enough to get a £1 free bet in my first week playing the game.

The golden goal bet 365 game

All you have to do for this game is log in to bet 365 golden goals game each weekday after 2 PM and reveal a match – so you need to make sure you log in every day – In my first week I only clocked 3 of them which was a shame.


Then for each football game you reveal if the game gets 4 goals you will get 50 pence or more goals you will get a £1 free bet for each game and then if on your random games there are 20+ goals between the five fixtures you will get an extra £5 free bet

Meaning that you can get £10 in free bets potentially – to be honest 4+ games is not hugely likely but in the days games at the moment there are more and more chances of getting these free bets


For a few seconds each day this is a great chance at getting some fre

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