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Coinbase Learn and Earn XCN answers

Coinbase Learn and earn XCN CHAIN answers – Earn $3 of free crypto

XCN coinbase answers


Another great opportunity for some free cryptocurrency with Coinbase that takes a couple of minutes. $3 of free XNC Answer 3 quick questions to get your free cryptocurrency. The answers are below.

New to Coinbase?

Coinbase is free to sign up to and you can get going with some free cryptocurrency straight away. You will need ID to sign up but is relatively quite a quick process.

With the latest cashback offerings with Coinbase there are some good ways to earn extra when signing up for coinbase

There is a referral link that gives us £8.60 each but in all honesty better to use Topcashback where can earn £30 if your first trade is £70+ or £20 if below £70 – Link here


Where to find Learn and earn quiz?

There are a number of other Learn and Earn opportunities with past answers being found here but they do not always hang around too long. They can be found here.

The Learn and Earn section of Coinbase can be navigated to quite easily from the main page

XCN CHAIN Learn and earn answers

3 very quick and easy questions to get your free cryptocurrency

Question 1) Which of the following is not offered by chain
Answer: Play to earn game maker


Question 2) How many XCN tokens are allocated to the Chain DAO Treasury?


Answer) 10 billion

Question 3) What does Chain help brands, creators and entrepreneurs do?

Answer: Build their offerings using blockchain technology

Simple $3 of NEAR protocol token will be in your coinbase account in a matter of minutes


Convert to any other cryptocurrency for free

You might not want Chain token, you might want to change this to another cryptocurrency, perhaps stacking the sats in the form of some more bitcoin, or potentially topping your ETH up in anticipation of the merge. Well with Coinbase this couldn’t be easier and better yet is free with no fees.


The Coinbase fee doesn’t really make it worth selling charging a £0.99 fee for selling the £2.60 worth of NEAR protocol

Just click on the asset once in the account and next to buy and sell choose convert and you can convert to any other cryptocurrency for free.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more ways of making money and cryptocurrency


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