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Do your shopping with Asda Rewards this weekend and get a free £5 bonus

This year I have been preparing for Christmas by using the Asda Rewards app, topping up my balance whenever I do my shopping at Asda.

Asda rewards 1

This weekend up until the 5th of November if you make a £40 shop at Asda, then you can claim an easy £5 added to your Asda Rewards Cash pot.

What is Asda Rewards?

Asda rewards is another loyalty program from the supermarkets and this is Asda’s incarnation. A good program that gives you the opportunity to earn money on the shopping you always do.
Just download the Asda rewards app sign up and then scan your app when you make a purchase, same as you would Tesco or Clubcard.

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How many points can you earn with Asda Rewards?

There are a number of different ways to earn Asda pounds Missions, Star Products or Milestones.


asda rewards mission

The first way you can earn Asda rewards is with Missions, with Missions you will either need to shop a certain number of times, or for specific products. Then when you scan at the checkout the app will automatically track your purchases and if your items are qualifying ones you will get your bonus.

Star Products

asda rewards star products

This is another way to earn points, when you buy particular products, make sure you are buying the exact item and you will get rewarded many of these offers can be quite lucrative indeed.

Milestone missions

These are Missions where they will add cumulatively over time, when buying certain items, if you buy the required amount from the particular group in the time frame then you will get rewarded.

Earn online as well in store

You can earn rewards on your online shop as well as your in store Asda shop – to do this you just need to make sure that the log in details for your Asda Rewards app is the same email address and details as your Asda online grocery service.

Redeeming your Asda Rewards

You can redeem your Asda Rewards in the app by selecting your wallet and then clicking create voucher.

asda rewards voucher

This can then be scanned at your self checkout or by presenting it to a member of staff at the checkout.

Earn more with the Asda Rewards Credit card

Right now if you sign up to the Asda Rewards Credit Card you can get £20 added to your Cashpot, as well as claiming 1% cashback on your Asda purchases and 0.3% on other purchases.

You just need to spend £50 and create a direct debit within the first 60 days.

asda rewards credit card

As with all Cashback credit cards, you never want to carry a balance over, the way to win here is to pay the balance off in full each month.

A reminder you have 6 months to spend your reward points.

The points won’t stay forever, you will need to redeem a voucher and spend it within 6 months of earning the points otherwise your points are gone forever, so be careful if you are saving it all for Christmas as you could lose some of those juicy points, it will therefore be beneficial to redeem as you go through the year.

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