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Earn £25 with inbox pounds puzzles and survival Level 17 offer

Earn £25 with inbox pounds puzzles and survival offer by getting to level 17 in 21 days.

The first inbox pounds game of 2023 has been finished and money earned from it. Last year I earned over £400 from such offers, and they could not be easier. Download a game from a link on a get paid to website (my favourite is inbox pounds) download the game, complete the level required and get paid. For this offer you had to get to Level 17 headquarters within 21 days to earn £25. 


I completed this game in 20 days comfortably and spent £3.96, making a comfortable £21 from this game. I like inbox pounds because the offers are always reliably tracked and paid. Plus their support is always really helpful as well. 


What type of game is puzzles and survival ?

I really enjoyed this game to be fair, I mean I probably wouldn’t play it if it wasn’t for the offer, as that is not how the money earner rolls.

But was a good fun game. A game combination between a city builder game of the likes of mafia city or state of survival, and your matching colours games of the like of bejewelled.


The main objective of the game is getting the headquarter building to Level 17. But you will need to play the matching game to get the points needed to do it. 


Puzzles and survival tips to complete the game 

Follow these tips to ensure finish the game in time. Give me a shout on twitter if have any specific questions I am always happy to help. 

Complete the daily quests

The daily quests are a must to be completed, the more you complete the more points you get, and then you will get chests with prizes that will help on your journey. 

Save up your speed ups 

Try and save all the speed ups until the later building works. The last couple of levels take a lot of time to build up so if you have lots of speed ups you can bust through them rather quick.

Same as any city builder: – Plan ahead on your buildings and always be building

This is the most important tip for any of these games, make sure you plan ahead your building. Don’t want to leave any time on the table when not building. 

This is why normally the first couple of hours are about grinding getting to good levels then when your off to sleep or work you can set the big buildings off. 

I also bought the second builder queue with diamonds which helped in early stages when ploughing through stuff. 

To plan ahead make sure to keep an eye on the requirements for the buildings so you can plan what you are going to do and not be wasting your time building this you don’t need to- Link here

Remember other buildings have their own requirements of other building but it is not as bad in this game as others.

Use the free codes

One thing I didn’t realise until later on is that there are some free codes that you can use to get lots of goodies. Just enter these free codes. 

If you are on Apple you will need to enter your codes on this site with your user details. 

Free codes

Join a good alliance

A good alliance can help massively, you can get more speed ups, better gifts and then when completing missions will get more rewards.

Partake in the special events

A wealth of rewards can be earned from completing in the special events. That may reward you points, for building, training, or taking on zombies. By entering these and partaking you can get a whole host of rewards.

Save up them diamonds

Diamonds can help in many ways, particularly in getting resources and those second builder queues and you can get quite a lot through the free codes and missions. Save them up for what you truly need. 

You will need lots of wood and steel towards the end – here is how to get more

This was the hardest part for me, I went through my resources way too quickly and ran out of wood and steel. 

I am hoping to complete this game a second time, with hopefully better strategies to build up my resources. But there are lots of ways to get more resources for your buildings. 

  • Attack others headquarters if attack peoples lower than your own
  • Complete hero duels
  • Trade for them in a variety of the shops that are available, in exchange for tokens etc
  • Complete campaigns
  • Complete objectives

If needed get the cheap packs for lots of diamonds and resources. 

So I wanted to complete this game without spending and it is probably possible comfortably, but with couple of poor decisions and not being solely focused, I did have to spend a few quid. 

The packs I bought were the 89 pence ones, one of which the weekly reward one, gave me a whole host of diamonds for it. With the other ones on resources. 

I would advise have a plan and stick to it, but don’t be stubborn if you need rewards it is better to spend a couple of quid and get a big profit than to grind and get nothing. 

I will likely add more tips to this page on attempt number 2 when I shall streamline my approach.

This game isn’t the biggest payout at £25 in comparison to some other so check out my earn money playing games page for potentially some better offers. 

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