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Easily switch current account to Co-Op bank and earn £150

Bank switches are a great way to earn some extra money, you can easily earn hundreds of pounds by completing the offers. This latest one from Co-op is a very generous offer, where you can earn £150 by completing two different steps.
The thing to remember when completing these offers is to make sure you meet all the requirements otherwise you may find yourself spending that time and not getting a bonus. 

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Earn £100 by completing the current account switch

This is the main bulk of the offer, and by opening a free currant account you could earn £100. But just make sure you pay close attention to the criteria, which for many is easily achievable. 

  • You can open either a standard current account or an everyday extra account (costs £15 per month)
  • Then have to complete a full current account switch, which can be easily done and will transfer over all of the monies in or out
  • Within 30 days – must do the following:
  • Deposit £1000
  • Have 2 direct debits or standing orders set up
  • Make 5 card transaction
  • Register for online banking or mobile banking

Make an easy extra £50 How to get the £50 savings bonus:

You can get an extra £50 really easily as well, by opening an online saver account and saving just £25

  • Meet all the above switch criteria.
  • 45 days after the switch completes, you must have an open Online Saver account with £25+ in it.
  • The £50 will then be paid within 60 days of the switch completing.

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