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FlavorWiki review: Get paid to eat food

Flavorwiki review: Get paid to eat food?

It was always my dream to get paid to sit around and eat food, well with Flavorwiki that is a reality. Last year they had studies for food tasting that paid me some decent money for doing exactly that.

Then last week seemingly they are back with three new studies, with hopefully more to come. But how to do it, how to make sure you get paid and is it worth it? Well in this Flavorwiki review I will answer these and more.

Is flavour wiki legit?

Often when something sounds too good to be true this is the first question, but flavour wiki is certainly legit, done correctly you will get paid for buying food answering questions and taking pictures.

I got paid 5 days after completing the studies with no problems


How to sign up to Flavourwiki?


Very quick and easy to sign up – click sign up enter your email address, name password, then confirm your email with a confirmation email.

Once confirmed and logged in few other questions to add to your profile. Location and paypal email (this will be how you will get paid)


It is nice that it is a very quick and easy process and not too many questions


What do the studies entail?


flavorwiki review

So recently completing three surveys they were all quite similar. There are first some initial questions to make sure suitable.


(normally just checking that you are open to eating or drinking anything)


Then you will get a name of product that you can test, or a selection of which to choose from. It will give you the specific product and size and you will need to make sure you buy the correct one.


For a couple of the studies it asked for pictures of the shelf or screenshot of website page. So make sure you take that picture when you go to the shop


Also make sure you keep the receipt as you will need to upload that.


There may be specific instructions about serving. So mine were to refridgerate the product for 24 hours and then serve in a glass with no ice.


It is important to read these instructions as pictures will be required, so there is no cheating the system.


Other than the pictures, the rest of the questions were quick questions about thought on appearance, packaging, smell and taste. Probably all in took about 5 minutes each to do the study. With the specific requirements for uploading the pictures.


What is good though is you can leave the study at any point and come back to the same point. Inly thing to remember is however that you are not able to go back a page.


Also it says once you upload a picture you are not allowed to change and will not get another chance so make sure that you follow the directions closely.


How to find out about studies?

They have been quite sporadic the studies but with an influx of a few hoping they will pick up. I have been emailed about the studies so far so best check your email. They do not hang around long

How to make sure you get paid?

The best answer would be to make sure that you do as your told. Follow the instructions, make sure you buy the correct product, follow instructions for the pictures and keep hold of your receipt. There is no point trying to sneak around the standards you will not get paid!


How much can you earn ?


So likely for each study is a couple of quid. Mine were worth the cost of the product plus about £1.50 to £2.50 extra. So for example the fizzy drinks ones, were £5 and the product cost me £2.50 so decent payment for a little amount of work

How to earn more?


When there are studies you can also share a referral link with other people and if they sign up and complete you can get another £1 per person who signs up. Good stuff for spreading the news of this great payment opportunity.



Not going to make you rich but if you like surveys or similar tests this is a great way to top up your earnings. Any questions always happy to be contacted probably best on twitter







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