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Get a free month of TV streaming with Paramount plus usually only 7 days.

Paramount plus last year joined the ever-growing tv streaming services. I thought I would stop at Netflix, but no, now I have got Prime, Netflix, and Disney oh and then Apple TV had some banging shows so got that as well. I really don’t want to another streaming service. But with some shows that I fancy watching. A free month is very tempting and a must.

There are some great shows to choose from as mentioned here

How to claim the free month subscription.

This was incredibly easy to claim, just click through to Paramount here.

Enter email address, name and password, then when you get to the payment page, just enter code ‘GOLD’, and then your free month will be added, making it one month of free TV as opposed to just one week.
Enter your payment details for the monthly subscription but you won’t be charged.

You can then cancel at any time.

How to cancel Paramount subscription

It is really easy to cancel your subscription, go on to the paramount plus website.

Click on to account overview

Then cancel subscription … sorted

For more info and pictures check this page out here, which makes it really clear.

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