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Get a free share worth at least £5 for signing up to Robin Hood

Always on the hunt for free money there is another free share opportunity with a new app. 

Robin Hood is infamous in the US for making it easy to buy and sell fractional shares on the app. We now have many varieties of these, free trade and trading 212 being the ones that may be most familiar with.

They all offer the same thing when signing up for free shares. 

So Robin Hood when it came to the UK had to do the same. 

Not a huge amount is available, 96% of people will just get the $7.66 value of a share that can be used for different companies. But if you are lucky you could get $175 worth. 

The good news is you can withdraw it sharpish, just need to deposit a quid and verify the account. Free share credited instantly then tell your friends and earn even more. 


Step-by-step instructions to get your free share

Sign up with a referral link (here is mine)

Verify your account ID required, this was quite quick with my driving licence all through the app

Deposit via bank transfer can be just £1

Get a free share worth between $7 and $175 – simple

Then pass your own referral link on to your friends and family to get even more. 

As soon as your friend signs up, gets approved, and makes a bank deposit, you’ll both get a reward.

You can sell your reward stock after you claim it. Once you’ve sold it, you can use the proceeds from the sale towards other investments.

You will need to wait 30 days before can turn your free share into cash. 

There is a cap on your earnings of $1500 in a year through referrals (don’t think I have that many friends mind)

Sign up here


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